• Forget him and move on. That happened to me about a year ago.
  • Nothing. All you can do now is give them room to work through their own feelings. The last thing to do is to try and push them to forgive you on your timetable. It doesn't show them remorse or respect to try and control this part of the equation.
  • Give the person a little time and then persist with your apology. Ask if there is anything you can do to make things right again. If they don't respond to these best efforts, the damage may be irreparable.
  • There is nothing more you can do. I would just leave them alone, maybe sometime in the future after they've had time to think things over, you can work things out. Bothering them now will just put more distance between you.
  • nothing.. not when its be a heartfelt appology and they still don't accept it ... then its their problem not mine I move on
  • They need time to process all of it and if they decide it's too hurtful then you respect it and let it go.
  • If they're too stubborn to forgive you for whatever it is than just move on. They aren't worth your time.
  • Leave the person alone.

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