• I used to buy it in Wyoming when I lived there. We used it to make "Cherry Bombs". Maraschino cherries soaked in Ever Clear for several days. Bars sold them for 25 cents each.
  • Well, I emailed the president of luxco, the company that manufactors everclear, because of a bet my boyfriend and i had. we were trying to see who could figure out what states sold everclear first. i won ;) here's the list: AK AL AR AZ CA CO CT DC DE FL GA HI IA I'll IN KS KY LA MD MI MINN MO. MS MT NC ND NE NJ NM NV OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VA WA WI WV WY
  • all is true except in va you need to register with the state before you can by Everclear (190 proof) source ABC of VA
  • i live in ohio, and i can't buy 190 proof anywhere.. it isn't available in any store i have ever been in.. is this southern ohio only or something???? im up in the northeast by cleveland
  • I know Wisconsin does.
  • where at in ohio? i live in ohio and i have never once seen 190 proof liquor here, highest ive ever seen was either 151 or 153 diesel (which i do not recommend.. stick with 151 vodka or rum).. but really, where at in ohio, is this southern ohio only or something?
  • Here in PA Everclear is NOT for sale unless you have a you get that permit I don't know. (sadly)
  • I'm in PA and tried to buy Everclear this weekend at the local state liquor store and was told that you need a special license to buy it in PA. They said the types of people who have licenses to buy it are pharmacists, photographers (for cleaning lenses), and the Amish (go figure). However, they said it's perfectly legal to POSSESS it here in PA, so we can go to NY or MD and buy it and bring it back and that's fine.
  • Everclear comes in the 75.5% ethanol version and the 95% version. I'm from the northwest and I've bought 95% (190 proof) everclear in Montana for about $19/bottle. Washington State does not sell the 95% stuff. I think Idaho sells it but Montana does for sure. Mix with lemonaide and be careful. 1 shot equals 2+ what ur used to mixing. Florida sells "everclear" but it's the 75.5% stuff (weak sauce). I didn't know they made the weaker kind until I bought some there on vacation. After u finish a bottle, turn off the lights and put a lighter up to it (aim away from face as flames are emitted!).
  • All the states listed in answer 9 may sell everclear, but I can vouch for at least 3 on the list (Ohio, PA, and WV) where it is only legal to sell the 151 proof. I know this as an irritated Ohioan who just drove to WVA only to find they only sell EC151. I have heard that NY state allows the sale of EC 190.

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