• White face makeup. Black clothes. Lots of black eyeliner/lipstick. Often have a lot of body pierceings.
  • There's a subtle difference between "Goth" and "gothic". Goth is generally associated with young people into the Gothic music scene and is more associated with a way of life than just a look. It often involves "corpse paint" white faces, black panda eyes, extreme clothing in dark colours with lots of leather, velvet, buckles and probably death metal band T-shirts. Piercings are common. "Gothic" is a bit more subtle. Whereas Marilyn Manson is what I'd describe as "Goth", his wife Dita Von Teese is more "gothic". Other gothic-looking types in various guises include Thora Birch, Helena Bonham Carter, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Ingrid Pitt, Theda Bara, Betty Page, Angelina Jolie in the early days. Think classic Hammer Horror film femme fatale or old-fashioned vamp: well groomed long glossy black or icy blonde hair, pale, flawless skin with high cheekbones, often blood red lips and dark (neatly applied) eye make up. Usually she'll be wearing black, red, or perhaps white or deep purple. Classic fabrics are silk and satin, velvet, lace- and possibly leather for the modern girl, usually she'll be wearing super high heels, have long red nails and probably an impressive heaving cleavage. Contrary to the in-your-face punky "Goth" look, this is very elegant and understated. On the right woman, and done well its a very sexy look. There are gothic guys too, although the look is less obvious. Best example I can think of is the young Christopher Lee (As he was in the Hammer Horror days). Maybe Spike from Buffy at a push, but he's more what I'd call boy-band gothic!
  • There are many different gothic looks. The one most people recognize is the heavy eyeliner, black clothing, and piercings and/or tatoos. But there are many variations. But black clothing is pretty much a staple.
  • To me i agree with alot of what Lady Fuschia said. It was very well put. But i belive there are so many types its uncountable, like i consider emo to be a gothic form just a goth is a slump, or anyone in a slump that takes up that style it might just be a phase but its still goth. I will use 2 examples. My husbend and I both dress very dark and gothic like but in 2 differnt ways. Where i like to where jewlery and makeup and elagent outfits ( but i never paint my face white its always the same shade as my natural color witch is very pale anyways).He just where jeans or black kakis and a black teeshirt he has a skull rings and a skull necklace, its more of the way he acts thats gothic then the way he dresses, but with black hair and a mohawk it isnt hard to see. And boots his black ones are cowboy boots but thay fit his personality.

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