• i would like to know 2...well maybe it is people like us that should bring it back... :)
  • I don't know, but I would much prefer to be called handsome or some other term like it. It seems more sincere.
  • nothing...I still use it!
  • I use the word handsome regularly. I don't use 'hot' or 'fly'... but maybe it's because I'm over 30? I don't know.
  • I use handsome all the time. I am 33. I was in high school during the popularity of the term "fly" but never used it. I think hot, especially spelled "hott" is cheesy. It reminds me of the term "beefcake" from the early 80's. Hot, cheesy, beefcake. Darn, now I am hungry for lunch. Burgers, anyone? Handsome is an actual word meaning what it describes - it is not just a slang term that will be erased with time like all other fads and trends.
  • I use it for both my husband and my son.
  • Well, I have to admit, David Bowie is handsome, fly, hott, and much much more! I still hear people say handsome, but I know the main word is hott now. I think it is because kids think it is weird to say handsome for some reason. So it just gas spread to become the new " handsome."
  • I think us older folks still use that word, as well as "beautiful"...maybe it is generational. :)
  • I say handsome.I don't like hot.Fly is laughable:)
  • i still say handsome. PS FLY is so 1994
  • I say handsom, attractive, good looking. i don't think there are many guys that are hot and the ones that are can be greatly flawed personality wise taking any hotness they had to begin with. and i never say fly.
  • I still say handsome. I've never called a guy (or girl, for that matter) hott, and never heard the term fly. I have the same question but in reverse--why don't guys call girls beautiful much anymore? I know they do still, some, but not nearly as often as they call them hott. I really don't like being called hott.
  • I got referred to as handsome last week by a coworker. I am gonna have to admit, it polished up my ego for the evening. I would prefer that to FLY any day.
  • Because teenagers have limited vocabularies.

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