• I don't use a loundromat, Im sure if I did I would forget clothes, wash incorrectly, take other peoples clothes by accident. etc.
  • Once I had to rerun my clothes through a dryer three times before the clothes would dry. I couldn't switch to another dryer because all the others were being used.
  • I don't need to use one now but I have in the past and was in one that a woman was beat by a guy which we found out later was her husband. We stopped him as quickly as we could but not before he was able to break three of her ribs and break her arm.
  • What happened to the Edit option for my question? I get more edit time for comments than that. :razz:
  • I have when my washer & dryer were on the blink.I once went to the store next to the laundry and was gone for about ten minutes,when I came back a homeless man was riffling through few towels and such, he was nasty filthy and stunck to high heaven! He had wrapped my daughters throw blanket around him. I saw bugs in his hair so I just told him to keep everything and got the heck out. Had to buy new towels and a blanket.
  • There was this wierd guy sitting in one of the chairs and was muttering to himself. He sounded both drunk and mentally ill, and from what I could make out was talking about us. We were sure to stick around long enough to ensure that the washer machine doors locked and he couldn't mess with our stuff. Another time, somebody was impatient (keep in mind, we are always on time with changing the loads) and tossed our wet laundry in with someone else's dryer load. BTW, I saw this gratifying thing on TV once. A surveilence camera taped a woman remove someone's clothes from the washer so she could steal the cleaning cycle for herself. The guy happened to return and noticed that his laundry had been removed unclean. He proceeded to empty an entire bottle of bleach into the load that the woman had stolen, ruining all of her clothes.

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