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  • I like it shot anywhere and everywhere get it.
  • i like to cum on my own face.
  • i like to cum on my own face, i even open my mouth and swallow some
  • i love cum shot on my face and my ass
  • wherever ...face, stomach, back...mouth...
  • not really my thing....boobs sure...but preferably in the mouth!!!!
  • I love the sensation of splattering a load on my own face, I have even video taped my self several times...the feeling of my own cum on my face, in my hair and the taste rocks. If I could just suck my own cock.. it would be heaven in hell. Want to trade?
  • Yes I Do! I like to hold my tounge out and let it drip than I lick up the mess.
  • it is certainly not my favorite past time or anything, but if that's what your man wants... why the hell not. just keep it out of your eye, that sh*t burns.
  • If not in my mouth or ass, on my face is the next best thing. I love been able lick it as it trickle down face.
  • My girlfriend loves to take cum anyone. In her mouth, all over her face, on her ass, on her bad, but she likes it the most when I cum in heer ass. For some reason she says she likes the feeling of it.
  • You should first ask you guy to let you watch him masturbate and taste his cum then tell him you will let him cum on you but you would like him to lick it up
  • i like the sudden splat as my man sprays cum on my face and it runs down my face and i try lick it up, can get sticky in my hair. I don't like it in the eyes but thats it is the nature of the beast.
  • no, I want it in me, not on me.
  • definitely not - i got it in my eye and i couldnt see for 2hours - my eyelashes stuck together! ouch!
  • Depends on my mood, sometimes I like it smeared all over.
  • Just don't give me pink eye!:D
  • Sure, cum shot onto my face can be good fun. I'd prefer it in my mouth, but on my face can be fun to lick up.
  • burns my eyes...
  • Yes I love when a woman squirts allover me.
  • I like it in my mouth =) sometimes a cumshot to the face gets in your eyes and shit and it hurts
  • Interesting. I was always afraid of what my wife thought about this, but one day confessed it was one of my fantasies. Now almost daily right after my shower I meet my wife on the bed and she licks my balls. I tell her what a slut she is and jerk off. I then tell her that she is going to make me cum and I squirt it all over her face. This has been going on for like 3 years now. It's great. At one point while I was married I got a girlfriend that would let me jerk off into her mouth. That was hot@! Now why would I cheat? I told my wife about the GF we almost broke up, but went to counseling and have been exctatic ever since. One of our favorite routines is she takes a bath, I shave her bare, nothing left and then I take her in my mouth and make your cum on my tounge. When she is lying there spent I walk up and jerk off all over her face, covering her. Now, she doesn't shy away when I get some on her tongue. I think that is next. To tell her I want to cum in her open mouth.
  • I like my hubby to cum on my boobs, ass, back, stomach, and mouth.sometimes i dont like that for a day or so then I love it again.i think its just my mood.=d
  • There's nothing more beautiful than a pretty face coated in cum. And there's nothing hotter than licking it off her face, then kissing her. Yes, yes. That's the stuff.
  • i wouldnt mind cumming on a girls face. haha
  • It burns the eyes.....
  • I Love it makes Me Feel Dirty.
  • I dont really like it in my face to be honest. You can do it in my mouth or in my moomoo. I dont know why really.
  • So long as you understand it will be your last chance to do that....
  • it dependz if im in the mood, but i like it anywhere ...
  • i think being cumed on is the sexiest thing ever! i like it pink eye makes me look fucking sexy
  • Everywhere, but mainly in my mouth, and on my feet
  • My boyfriend always wants to cum on my face but i don't really like it that much. I give in once in a while though... just a few nights ago actually after sex he jacked off all over my face.
  • Cum makes me gag if it hits anywhere above my neck. I hate the smell and taste.
  • why dont some of you hot girls show me a pic of some cum on your face, or some boobs or something :)
  • not on my face. in my mouth sure, dont care if its on my hands but its difficult to clean up later and it burns if it gets in your eyes lol. pinkeye is not sexy. i'd rather have it in me then on me.
  • Yes i love wearing cum! On my face, tits, ass, pussy, feet, hair. Anywhere is good to me!
  • I like it ... NO WHERE!!!!
  • ... BUMMER !! ...
  • My girl friend hates it!
  • My wife goes ballistic if I get any cum on her. She is great about swallowing but gets really ticked if I get any on her especially on her face.
  • I like to shoot my own cum on my face when I masturbate.
  • i get really turned on by the thought of cumming all over my own face and in my mouth, but just as i am about to cum i go off the idea, i really want 2 try it 2 see what it feels like...i think if its ever going to happen i need another cock infront of my face and have a guy cum over my face so i know there is gunna be no chance of pulling away,the thought of that is such a turn on
  • well, i myself am a fan of the portuguese omlete. What is that you ask. oh dont worry. ill feed you baby birds. its when you get all the makings of a normal omlete consume the items puke them into your "lovers" butthole proceed with the sexing take whatever is left re cook and enjoy:D
  • i luv cum all over my face, it makes me feel like such a whore
  • i would imagine most women don't. but as a guy masturbating yourself and watching and feeling yourself ejaculate on your lovers face is absolutely fantastic. unfortunately men are very visual and this is hot. in love and sex sometimes you have to take and sometimes you have to give. thank all the lovely women out there who do this for their men, esp the ones who don't really like it but do it.
  • No - I like it in my mouth
  • No - just in my mouth
  • I love it and beg for it. My wife and I play bsdm games and after being restrained,teased& fucked with dildos, while being hard the entire time, my balls are begging to explode. The way she has me tied up, my cock is usually aiming right at my face or dangleing over my face. The only way she is going to let me cum is if its on my face or in my mouth and she makes me beg for it. If it shoots on my chest or neck, she takes it and rubs it on my face anyway. After the initial experience of taking a direct hit,it was something I looked forward to.
  • i love cum all over me, ass, pussy, breasts, face, hair mouth, back, you name it i have cum there lol.
  • Not my thing. on my body is fine... but keep it away from my head, face, and hair.

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