• Why do you want to create COM1? COM1-4 are usually created by default when XP is installed. Please give your background.... Here are the steps: Go to Control Panel by clicking the Start Menu and then find the icon called "Serial Ports". Double click the icon and a configuration window will pop up. Then click the "Add" button and choose your settings. I'm explaining this all blind, the XP I'm in front of has limited privledges. But this is what I can remember. Then you would choose your COM port out of the list. Once the port is created, check the port properties via Device Manager (expand "Ports (COM & LPT)", double on COM1). Remember the IO addresse should be: Com1 (3F8) and Com2 (2F8). If the COM ports are on a PCI card, the onboard COM ports should be disabled within the BIOS. As well, COM port modes are changed in the BIOS under the peripheral or serial port section. Additonal Info: COM1 and COM3 have interrupt request line (IRQ), IRQ 4 in common. COM2 and COM4 share IRQ 3.
  • Thank you for responding to my question. I had already tried to add Com Ports via my device manager, but all I have is the LPT1 and there is no option to add Com1 - Com4 Ports. I went to microcenter and was told I would not be able to add them, an option would be to install an ethernet-serial adaptor but I would like to speak with someone who has done that. I also found the following site but I don't know anything about something like this. Thanks again Virginia

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