• The piercing is next to nothing. the cost is for the actual earrings that are put in! So it all depends on the cost of the earrings!
  • £500..thats how much i paid anyway
  • Yeah your really paying for the barbell with a piercing like that. But you really shouldnt be looking for the cheapest place. Ask around for someone you know will do it safe and make it look the best.
  • My ex girlfriend paid $12, followed by lots of money for the infection that came with it. Do your research and get a clean place before cheap.
  • $40 was mine, the average where I live is $35 to $60. The jewelry cost is negligible, considering a captive ring is a few dollars and a nose screw usually less than five dollars. Most places include the jewelry in the price, although you may have to pay a little more for titanium or something special. You aren't paying for the jewelry, you're paying for the experience of the piercer and the cost of materials and prep (needles, autoclaving, cleaning after you leave.) About half of what you pay goes to the shop, so tipping is always nice (if it's deserved.)
  • the average cost is $40-$50

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