• . Execise Information For Nicer Abs: - - - - [Here is an EXCERPT from the website for you] - - - - Exercises for Abs by Dr. Jolie Bookspan PhD No More Crunches! No More Back Pain! A Revolution In Abdominal Muscle Fitness for Divers By Dr. Jolie Bookspan Why "Do" Abs? Most people don't know what abs specifically "do" or how. You've heard that abdominal muscles help your back, but exactly how? Your "abs" have something to do with posture? But exactly what? You know something vague about "support" but what does that really mean? "Crunches" are practically synonymous with ab exercises but are terrible for your posture and don't work your abs the way you need for real life. What can you do instead? Using abs doesn't mean sucking them in or making them tight. Then how do you use them? Did you know that you need your abs while standing up and walking, and particularly while standing and walking with tanks on your back? How can you do that? What's Wrong With Crunches? It's practically universal to see a gym full of people yanking their necks doing crunches, then stand up and walk away with no use of abs, or knowledge that you are supposed to use abs when standing up. Crunches don't work your abs the way you need for real life. Crunches don't train you how to use your abs the rest of the day. Crunches promote poor posture, even when done properly. Crunches make a person, who likely spends much of their day already hunched over a work area, practice that hunched posture which may be mechanically promoting the back and neck pain they think they are working their abs to prevent. What Does It Mean To Use Your Abs? Using your abs does not mean "sucking them in," or "tightening them," or "pressing your navel to your spine."
  • IM NOT BRAGGING IN ANY WAY! but the abs in my photo are mine. All I have done is just do crunches and eat healthy. I also have an ab roller. It's a machine that helps with crunches without the back pain and stuff like that. Just keep at it and they will come. :)

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