• If you're asking for advice, yes - bad idea. (Sometimes it takes some explanation to understand the point of the author.) If you're asking a joke question to get smart-a-- responses, not really (but if someone took the time to write it, it's normally worth reading.) If you asked for lyrics, the length will be dependent on the song, how they handled refrains, etc.
  • I read every word to all answers I get. I find some very interesting information in some of the longer ones. You asked is it bad well no not really that would depend on each individual.
  • Nope. If I asked the question, I would read all the answers, but when I'm just scanning, I only read shorter answers.
  • I read all my answers unless they are like 2 feet down the page. Though if it's really great info I asked for, I might read that too. I appreciate it when someone wants to share good info with me and they took the time to answer me and maybe even give me points so I will honor them and respect their effort by reading it.
  • Well, if you ask a question you should be prepared for the answers you get. I personally read every answer I get.
  • I read them all and try to comment back on every one. EDIT. If I got a six page answer, I might lose interest after a few page downs. I havent ever recieved an answer that wouldn't fit on one page so I dont know..
  • yes i do. and i don't think is a bad thing that you don't, maybe you got the answer you needed from a shorter one.
  • I always read every answer I get ...even the dumb arsed ones and I reply to all and give points to all , after all they took the time to reply in the the first place ...:)
  • If it is copied from somewhere I will skim through it but if it looks like their own words I will read every sentence. I think you should take the time to go through every answer or people will think you don't care and they won't bother answering any more of your questions.
  • Not bad at all, AG, just as long as you read my long answers because they will steer you in a good direction because I am very moral.
  • I pick up the interest as I read the first lines. If does not capture my interest in the first lines I go to the next.
  • depends entirely on how quickly my scroll down button is working:)
  • I read every answer I receive fully. The person has taken the time to respond, and I feel deserves the respect of having the answer read. I can honestly say that I have never gotten an answer that was so long that I didn't have the patience to read it all. :)
  • Its bad for me.
  • Geez, all the typing time I could have saved then..
  • Yes I do read them unless it is a very long cut and paste and then I just read through the relevant points very quickly. If it is a written answer I always read them properly
  • I will not read the whole thing if it is clearly a cut and paste job. If they don't put in the effort to write it, why do they expect me to put in the effort of reading it?
  • I usually read the answers to MY question but I really don't get much long I guess but I don't feel like readin long answers if they are not for MY questions.
  • I read them all but I haven't got an answer from that moose guy yet.....
  • I read them. I think if I took the time to ask it, then why not read what someone has to say even if the reponse is a long one. Plus you never know if what they might say could help you out in a huge way.
  • depends on what theyre saying
  • 9-1-2017 It only depends on whether you care about the subject. If your mind is already made up, you probably don't care what the answer is.
  • It's not bad, but it might pay off to read them. Sometimes long answers have the most helpful information.

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