• It is the way you interact with other people. An example is the screenshot of your own profile, taken this morning, and uploaded to show the point here. You may hate those of us who are homosexual all you like, but publishing that hatred is morally wrong. That is the one of the many differences between right and wrong.
  • Hmmm... that's a tough question. I suppose there IS no such thing as right and wrong, only what is acceptable where you are. There have been many people that believed they were doing the right thing but in the eyes of other were doing the "wrong" thing. Many people think the relationship I have with my boyfriend is wrong. We believe that there is a difference between love and lust, and so let ourselves sleep with other people on occasion. However there is a large amount of people that think our relationship is a great thing. Right and wrong is all a matter of perspective, no matter how evil or cruel it is. Cannabalism is wrong in America, but in many tribal cultures cannabilism is a holy and respected thing. It's all perspective, nothing else. Even your view on gays, although personally I think it's wrong, is just your perspective of reality.
  • Social opinion.
  • Is it not obvious? Life = good. Murder = bad. Consensual sex = right. Rape = wrong. Anyone saying there is no right or wrong or that it's a matter of opinion are totally in denial, attempting to justify their actions, or suppress their guilt. Something can be good to your perspective and still be inherently wrong. Darwinism is wrong. According to microbiologists worldwide, the "first lifeforms" on earth survived through cooperation and eventually symbiosis. Animals that survive by consuming other lifeforms came much later. Is it wrong to eat meat? It sure is good. You can't worry about every blade of grass you step on.
  • Maybe Intent
  • I think it's what your conscience tells you.
  • i agree with Danieljackson. Very valid points.
  • there is no fine line between right and wrong yes life good murder bad but we go over to war and murder people all the time so are we bad people? you say its not considered murder in a war but taking someones life is murder no matter how you look at it. There are some things that are obvious bad yes, but you cant always say this is definite right this is definite wrong. Gay marriages yes i dont agree with it but why should we be able to take away one of their free rights as an american would that be wrong?
  • Apart from the "r" and "g", the other letters, and of course the order in which they are placed. I'll get me coat...

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