• i only have 2 and my favorite one is the original one
  • I only have the original version.
  • Just one...the Sponge Bob granddaughter loves the little guy:)
  • I have four - the first 2 are unopened. Snoopy Monopoly Peanuts Monopoly Regular Monopoly Deluxe Monopoly
  • I have: Original Edition 70 Year Anniversary Edition Millennium Edition Original Star Wars Edition Star Wars Episode I Edition Star Wars Saga Edition Dogs Edition Electronic Banking Edition Here and Now Edition Lord of the Rings Edition Wooden one from Target designed by some Architect I used to have the Pokemon Edition, but the kids really messed that one up and lost the tokens. I have a list of ones I still want though...
  • Just the regular one. I'm thinking of getting the one for my university, though.
  • None anymore. I find Monopoly to be extremely boring..they should rename it and call it Monotony. I know..most people like it, I'm just not one of them. :-)
  • Between me and my sibolings, at leastfour or five different versions, my favorite is the fifties themed monopoly, but they're all great in my opinion.
  • i have the origional 1 new eddition uk eddition and the coca cola version from epcot in orlando dont ask! i want the deluxe 1 and i actualy had a dream about it last nite
  • 2 regular and regular on sega genesis i like the sega version :)
  • WEll it certainly wouldn't be this one... ATM that's just CRAZY!!! Monopoly ditches cash, goes plastic While Monopoly is the paragon of good 'ole fashioned board game fun, the "old fashioned" part had to go. Parker Brothers is phasing out the cash-based version's funmoney and replacing it with an "Electronic Banking" flavor that could leave Mr. Moneybags turning his pockets inside out as his stash is replaced by a magnetic strip. New kits are completely devoid of the famous multi-colored bills; instead, you'll find phoney Visa debit cards and a calculator / reader which keeps a running tabulation of your riches -- or lack thereof. A deal was struck with Visa to design the mock cards and readers, presumably after surveys showed that 70% of adults used cash less often now than they did a decade ago (no surprise there). When asked about the dramatic change, Parker said replacing cash with plastic "showed the game was moving with the times."
  • We only have one, the plain old regular one. I don't play it because I always lose. If I were to get another, I'd probably get the Dog one.
  • Simpsons Monopoly (favorite) Monopoly Party (Xbox game)
  • I have quite a few: Shrek Dog Spongebob Deluxe Here & Now M & M Pokemon Christmas Favorite: Probably Dog
  • Two, our favorite is the Christmas version.
  • Regular and Scooby-Doo. My favorite is regular.
  • We own the original(3), anniversary edition, electronic, three for the computer original, tycoon, and here and now,I think we also have one for regular nintendo, one for the super, one for the 64. I think my family likes Monopoly.
  • i have three... one for the computer, the original and star wars. I prefer the star wars one.
  • Two, the orignal and of course Scooby-Doo! The Scooby one is my fav...
  • we own the Speed Dice version which is new and the Delexe version but i am begging my parents for Horse-opoly.
  • 4, My favorite San Diego.
  • computer one, cell phone one, snoopy, cocoa cola, new york, millenium, new zealand, here and now, original, walt disney, littlest pet shop and a few others that are not coming to mind
  • I own two...a regular one and a Denver version. I love the Denver version!!

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