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  • Yes I have had the pleasure of a a lot of women I have been with do it. I have developed a way to make it happen, it takes practice and knowledge of were the correct places are to stimulate, just google it. There are a few articles on it that explains the process. The key is the woman, she has to know how to recognize the feeling. A lot of women feel like they are going to urinate during sex before or during orgasm and that's most likely ejaculation they are holding back not urination.
  • Big Daddy you are exactly right! I am a multi orgasm girl! And yes I do squirt quite often. My husband loves it! I had never had an orgasm like that until I found him!
  • sure can. the trick is to be able to just let it happen. Relay and let it go. The best way for me is when I sit on hubbies face. He can get me off 5 or 6 times without any problem. Oh yah, he loves to get squirted and taste my cum. If you are they type that gets worked up over the wet spot this is one activity that isn't for you. It will be more like a puddle than a wet spot.

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