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  • Nope. Once I'm done with him, let someone else take out the trash.
  • My ex husband started dating before we were divorced, so that rankled me a bit. Then again, he was no longer my problem after that. I don't tend to keep in touch with a lot of ex boyfriends. I have never been hurt by seeing them move on though.
  • NOOOOO!!! because you going to try go out with other person
  • It didn't hurt me at all, but I'm sure that Mr. Anderson is hurting like hell by now since he married that ex wife of mine. A bitch don't lose her stink just because she scampered off to a new house.
  • that depends on whether your over him or not. for example, my ex got back with his ex two weeks after we split up and now they are engaged! that hurt because i never had time to get over him. susanmoy, i understand what your saying but sometimes when you break up with someone the rose coloured tint is lifted and you can see them for what they really are. but i do have an ex who i remain friends with, i'm even the godmother to his son! when he got with his new girlfriend i was even more happy than he was, lol
  • It hurt a little to hear that she was getting married, but most of me was happy for her too. I really loved her and I wanted her to be completely happy, even if it wasn't with me.

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