• Absolutely not. God knows what we need and don't need... a lot better than we know for ourselves. That baby isn't lost. God has our babies and one day, we'll be with them again. :o)
  • God is the giver of life. This is a rude question.
  • A miscarriage has nothing to do with God.
  • Interesting way to look at it. I would say yes (if I believed in a god). Others would say, "No, miscarriages just happen, but a baby it a gift from god."
  • If you want answers about God's views on matters then you need to read His letter telling us His views on life & what He wants us to do. The Bible is a collection of letters dictated via holy spirit to 40 different men for our benefit. Exodus chapter 21 verses 22 - 25 will give you a clue how God feels about miscarriage. Also 1 John 4:8 (a small book a little before Revelation)says that God is love. Knowing this, you could never imagine that He would cause miscarriage. Abortion is not an act of love. You will find an online Bible at
  • Yes and no. My girlfriend had a miscarriage. at first i never knew why. Then i started talking to God about it. All he said was the time wasnt right for us and that my baby was in a better place. God knows if your ready or not yes he could just not put you threw it but what about your testimony. So the answer can go both ways. God fixes what we messed up. If we messed up and had sex well what other way was God to fix it. But on the other hand no it might not be. If you are trying to have a baby and God knows your ready yes the devil can attack you threw that.

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