• Navel Gazing isn't just a marine metaphor. It's also because in the OLDEN Days (Post Prehistoric Roaming Poodle but Pre Internet and Television and other fun stuff :) ), if you were shy or didn't know the answer to something or simply were reserved / ladylike (as some might say), you'd look down. Then the Prehistoric Neanderthal Male discovered his belly-button fluff and that's the reason why he stopped dragging his knuckles off the ground and became the men we all know and love today - belly-fluff and all. Seriously though, simply, if you dind't know something or were demure, you looked down towards your stomach and by 'afixing your gaze' in that general area you were able to avoid eye-ontact or confrontation.
  • 9-30-2017 Wow! What a great answer!

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