• new ink cartridge? spring?
  • It would help if we knew which model pen and nib style you have. Two possible causes come to mind; A pressure problem, ink will flow out of the cartridge but then a 'vaccuum' forms in the cartridge and no more ink will flow,the cure depends on which pin you have and what it uses to prevent the problem, could be Voodoos 'spring', others use other preventions. More likely is a dirty or damaged nib. The dirt or damage can be near microscopic, you need a magnifying glass or a 10X loupe to see it. The ink slot may be closed, some people will GENTLY push the nib tip upwards with a finger tip and let it spring back, sometimes that helps. Ink may have dried in the slot especially if you haven't used the pen for a while or cleaned the nib. Regular cleaning is advised, as well as using quality ink. You can soak the nib in an ammonia solution, no stronger than about 1 part ammonia to 4 parts warm water. Just soak a few minutes, use a very soft tooth brush or even a water color type brush, brush towards the tip, rinse with warm water and then dry with lint free paper or gentle hair dryer. Writing paper is good for drying, just let it blot the water away. Some folks 'floss' the slot with a piece of photographic film, some claim aluminum foil works, but be very careful about putting anything in the slot. You mite need to remove the nib to really clean it, but don't try unless you really understand how, diff. models come apart in diff. ways, some just screw off, others have collars that twist, slide, twist and slide, etc., some require a special nib wrench. That's all i can do from here. Heres a Pen Forum, specific for parkers and then for cleaning.Maybe it will help, mebbee ya gotta take it to a pro. Parker pens site, they have an 800 number Now, let me introduce you to this amazing device, notice the editting tool on the end.

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