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  • Things transcending all manner of description, and, in fact, the constraints of mere mortal existence as we know it.
  • Why Jesus, A Banana And A Hat?
  • Andy Warhol will film Edie Sedgwick and Bob Dylan eating a banana "Lady in the Tramp" style while Leopard-Skin Pill-Box hat plays in the background. Satine will watch this movie as Sakhalinskii watches porn starring Richard Simmons. Screw Jesus.
  • I guess that Jesus would looks like... i dunno... Jesusy,and andy wArhOl would be eating a banana and drawing, and yeah... wearing a pill box hat, which, by the way, are AWESOME. -Live, Love, and Laugh!
  • There'd be another fantastic painting by Warhol in there somewhere!
  • You may never wake up again!
  • Aww, you've taken inspiration from my early questions, how sweet. Bob Dylan would brutally rape Andy Warhol because he's Catholic, Edie Sedgwick would shove the banana up Jesus's arse in her own muted frustration with the world, then pull it out and, using the pillbox hat as a silkscreen, apply it to canvas. Andy Warhol would then proceed to steal her idea and make lots of money, she'd kill herself and Bob Dylan would write a song about it in a vain attempt to be relevant, while Neil Young and John Cale are having no problems being relevant at all </end Cale plug>.
  • Rehab?
  • I'd be at the greatest, most kickass party EVER!!!!!!!! And everyone I invited actually came!!!! YAY!
  • It would be like being on an acid trip... Even though, I'd never tried acid, and don't wanna try it either. :P But I think it would be like that. It would be freaky.
  • It's the winter holiday season and there is a knock on the door. I answer it and there is Andy Warhol in one of those irritating christmas sweaters like you find at Talbots or maybe Kohls grandma department. Andy has a small wiener dog under his arm and the dog is wearing a pillbox hat. I invite Andy to come in and take a seat by the fire where Bob Dylan is picking a guitar with a banana. Andy's wiener dog jumps down to the floor to eat the banana bits flying off Bob's guitar strings. From the kitchen comes a delectable smell: it's Edie Sedgwick and Jesus making Papas Empanadas ... we all begin to salivate......

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