• that sucks
  • If thats true you should get some help RIGHT NOW..looking at your previous questions im wondering if you are ugly and live under a bridge..
  • Take 36 ibuprofen, one litre of vodka, slash your wrists, listen to an INXS CD, throw yourself off the top of the Eiffel Tower and hold your breath for 4 this any help...?
  • 8-16-2017 In death there is no pain, so your question is kinda meaningless. It is only when you use an unreliable method that you have to endure pain. This is one case where it really does hurt to be stupid.
  • not doing it and getting some help instead
  • what a horrible thing to ask!!!! but in theory I'd think that drowning yourself would be the least know, wade out into water and just keep going; soon it's over your head and........your'e done!!! no pain, etc........

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