• It is not whether I accept it. It is the two parties making sure they are commited.
  • WTF? Yes.
    • Chicagoan
      I've been in one now for 33 years.
  • With me it's ok. Yeah, I'm an easy going kind'a guy.
  • YES. [now if they can't get past it, that's on them but interracial marriage shouldn't be looked down upon]
  • Yes I do in away...but in some cases it does not work out.
    • Chicagoan
      In some cases, marriage between the same race doesn't work out. This country has an enormous divorce rate - very high in the Bible Belt states, in fact - so, the so-called "Bible values" don't even help.
  • Of course.
  • Haha. I am the product of one that celebrated its 43rd anniversary this year, so...yeah. It's more than okay. It's the way forward.
    • Chicagoan
      33 for us! Cheers!!
  • Yeah. Marriage is between two people in love, race has nothing to do with it.
  • yes, considering I am the result of one.
  • I don't think God would have made different races attractive to each other if it wasn't okay. And, well, if I see a hot black or Asian or whatever race girl, I don't feel morally wrong in finding her attractive. So there you go.
  • this is one of those questions that makes me wonder why it even was asked. uhhh... duh? why on earth wouldn't it be?
  • At one time when I was ignorant but did not know it I guess I thought everyone should agree with me and my values as if I had the right to judge someones preference I did not mean harm I just thought it is better to etc... today I feel everyone has the right to be happy and they have my best wishes may peace be unto them and their lives
  • I really utilize this for myself whenever I find myself pointing out someone else's faults I remind myself while I am pointing at them with my one finger I have 3 fingers pointing back at myself therefore I should think of 3 things I can make better for myself and quit finding fault in those who not asked to be judged
  • are you kidding? its 2008! Besides.. mixed kids are beautiful!
  • If two people love each other I could not care less about their external appearance.
  • I would say its ok seeing as my parents are in one...
  • Um yeah, don't you think so? Is there some reason it shouldn't be (I have yet to run into neo-nazis or KKK here, but there is a first for everything...)
    • Chicagoan
      Oh -- they are here -- there are several racist Republicans here who sound like they attend meetings wearing full robes with the eye-holes cut out.
  • If 2 consenting adults love each other and are committed to each other, it shouldn't matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation, culture, age, etc., happen to be. My step-sister was married to a black man, and she has 2 bi-racial daughters. My brother is getting married to a Filipino woman this spring. I happen to be lesbian and I'm in a committed relationship. We all accept each other. Love is shouldn't matter anymore!
  • Yes, there is no reason to prevent two people that love each other from getting married.
  • I dont think it sould matter unless you are the last 2 people of that race. Then I think you should have some respect and repopulate. Since I dont see that happening in the near future there is NOTHING wrong with interracial marriage. Love is blind (I know, I know, how original right???)
  • My feeling is that love is so hard to come by. If two people actually found love then let them love each other regardless or ethnicity or gender.
  • I'm cool with it and am looking forward to it with someone.
  • Yes, as long as both people are happy with each other.
  • Absolutely! Why would it NOT be?
  • we have discussed this before on AB. recently some of my buddies and i took a tour specificially to check-out some real estate deals.after completing that tour,i now have a new take on inter-racial marriage>>>. before you go ahead and get married,try living in a neighbourhood for just one week,dominated by the same race of people in question.before the week is over,you'll be in a better frame of mind to make that decision.remember,this is your life,if you screw-up,you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • Yes. I am so grateful that past marriage amendments meant to prevent marriage between races never saw the light of day. I hope that trend continues.
  • Yes, absolutely. I heavily support it.
  • I don't have a problem with interracial relationships, however white women turn to disgussed me. I think that the only reason they are dating black men it's simply becouse they're after is finacial security (power) since black people have evolved financialy and iether wise. One other thing they also interested in their physic i.e. I once heard this white female sexologist saying that muscles look great on a black skin.
  • Yes I DO!
  • I DO (excuse the pun)
  • 2nd Kings 5, Leviticus 13-15, and Numbers 12
  • Didn't "Lucy & Desi" popularize such, in the 1950s?
  • Absolutely!
  • Absolutely--- when I finally find another man I want to marry, he'll almost definitely be black.
  • Sure, I think to each his own. Who somebody else wants to marry is their business.
  • Sure, I think to each his own. Who somebody else wants to marry is their business.
  • Of course. Why wouldn't it be? Please understand that there are no "races". There are many ethnicities and religions and cultures, but no different "races". We all belong to the human race, the only one we have. Any well-educated, open-minded person can marry into and adjust to a new culture or ethnicity. Happens all the time. Americans are among the few peoples who think the idea is odd.
  • We are all the same race. It is more important, for relationship purposes, to marry someone who shares the same culture. How do you look at the world, marriage and raising children. There is also a point to be made about how money is to be spent.
  • That's up to the parties involved and no one else's business!
  • What I think is to each his or her own, since God does not condemn interracial marriage. He created male and female in His own image. (Genesis 1:27)
    • Chicagoan
      There is no god - and the people in this country who opposed interracial marriage -- even some JUDGES -- used the filthy cult book called Holy Bible to quote and justify their continual BANS on interracial marriages until the US Supreme Court finally stepped in and smacked down all the hateful, racist American Christians (again).
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      You are too easy for me. What court judge does not believe in righteousness??? You break God's Law and you go to jail. You should not lie, cheat and steal are some of the laws from The Ten Commandments. *Facepalm*
  • if people are in love yes!!!!!!!
  • We all came from the same place.
  • No. It isn't for reasons of racism. It's because of ancestry DNA and certain health issues that are inherent in specific races (sickle cell disease which most commonly affects African Americans, for example).
    • Chicagoan
      Hey 1465 -- did you get that from your most recent Klan meeting? Must be nice to belong to your "superior race" that has no inherent genetic diseases. LOL!!
    • Army Veteran
      It must be bliss to live in ignorance.
  • Yes for me interracial marriage is okay. What's important is compatibility and love for each partner.
  • I have no problem with it. If two people want to be together they should be allowed to be together
  • I'm ok with it but not everyone is ok with it.
  • I do, but they can come with complications from family members, mainly due to their preferences. Sometimes a child born of interracial marriage can start out confused as to where they fit in, especially when they first go to school.

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