• his full name is johnothan christopher depp the 2nd. And i reckon he changed his name cause it was just 2 long before and plus, johnny depp sounds way better.
  • Most people I know named John or Jonathan are called Johnny as a nickname, just as people named Thomas are often called Tom or Tommy. It isn't a name change.
  • i tink its very cute. =)
  • I don't believe that is true, because I grew up in Miramar at the time he was there, and if he is who I think he was, he was kind of shy, but cool to hang with, I was a bad kid, and if he is who I think, than his dad owned a garage on Miramar PKWY, by Winn Dixie, & "johnny", took me for a ride one night, in a white car, close to a park in Hollywood, & we wrecked. I think he was going to ask me out, but he got nervous after side swiping some parked cars. I thought this guy was so cute back then, but I think his name was Wes.

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