• The way I understand them is that jargon is technical or obscure term while semantics refers to the study or analysis of meaning or word choice. Also, I think you mean layman's terms (and not Lehman's terms).
  • jargon normally refers to specific slang used within a group of people. it can range from technical terminology used within a professional field to "slang" used in a less professional setting. semantics on the other hand is the study of language.
  • 1) "jargon (uncountable in most senses) 1. (uncountable) technical terminology unique to a particular subject. 2. (countable) language characteristic of a particular group. 3. (uncountable) speech or language that is incomprehensible or unintelligible; gibberish." Source and further information: 2) "semantics 1. (linguistics) A branch of linguistics studying the meaning of words. 2. The study of the relationship between words and their meanings. 3. The individual meanings of words, as opposed to the overall meaning of a passage. You're arguing semantics and completely ignoring my point." Source and further information: 3) Any word could have different meanings. I just listed 3 meanings for "jargon" and 3 meanings for "semantics". This is exactly the purpose of semantics: to analyse or point out at the various meanings of words. Such words like "semantics" and maybe also "jargon" are rarely used in everyday language. They are used when you speak about particular issues, when you discuss about a particular domain of knowledge (which could be a scientifical discipline or a particular technique or skill. The collection of all terms which are used in a particular domain of knowledge is the jargon of this domain of knowledge. It contains a specific vocabulary and also a specific meaning for those words when they are used in this context. So certainly, there is some overlap between "semantics" and "jargon", because those words are part of the jargon of semantics, for instance. But there are also obvious differences, because we cannot in most cases use one of those words in the place of the other, and still have the same semantics. In layman's words, semantics is the meaning of words, and jargon is a kind of special language or special meaning of words used in a particular situation or by particular people (specialists).

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