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  • You might be dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water, it's good for you. If you think it's a real problem go to a doctor it could be signs of some thing more serious. It could be a sign of infection or something more serious. You could have diabetes or prostate problems or testicle issues.
  • do not masturbate and give 3 days in between Sessions and drink lots of water and eat lots of bananas you will see a different.
  • You are producing sperm everyday and the more you jack off, the less you will cum, sperm is mostly water so it makes sense to drink a lot of fluids (water is most recommended, drinks like coffee and beer are dehydrating) and give yourself at the very least 2 days off jacking, and you'll spirt out more cum, if you can't wait that long and you want to cum alot quickly, drink lots of water (maybe 6-10 glass, depending on the size of the glass) and start massaging and stroking your cock gently and slowly, jacking it off until you JUST about to cum, but don't cum, hold it back when you feel you are about to spirt, let go of your cock and when the excitement dies down start again maintain that horny feeling through-out, keep it going for about 2 hours, when the 2 hours is up, you can go for it, remember to drink a lot of water beforehand and give the water some time to travel through your body, then you should erupt like a volcano! :D (it is very difficult, but it is well worth the wait, happy jacking!)
  • There are supplements for men. Not sure how well they work.
  • Stop beating off for a while, and stay hydrated.
  • This may seem weird at first but is a lot of help in the long run ... On the inside of the anus are some glads. These glands are in direction connection with the nerves that go from your penis to your brain so simulation of these glands will produce makes your orgasm more intense, therefore more cum. To find these glands insert your finger into your anus and press down towards your testicles. rub around until you get a weird feeling (which is hard to describe but you will know when you have found it). Once you have found this feeling keep rubbing in this area and masterbate away. As soon as you feel your self ready to cum rub as rapidly at these glands and hold back for as long as you can. When you feel as though you can't hold back any more continue rubbing but firmly grab hold of your testicles. This is an old japanese technique that i seen on a leaflet my doctor gave me for the same problem. When I first read about this it sound very weird but after i tried it i realised i was producing alot more cum. All the other answers are very good to and are can help increase your load even momre if tried with this technique.
  • get close 2 cuming, then u please her with ur tounge while u cool off. Do this a couple of times then go hard and fast and WHOOOOOOOOOSHHH!!!
  • There are also a number of products that can help you. Two of the leading 100% all natural products are compared side by side at
  • Trygetti ng two fillipino prostitutes to shag you. Get one sitting on your face so you can push your tongue into her pussy, then get the other one to insert your cock inte her anus and ride it frantically. You will eventually do about a cup ful and probably hit the ceiling.
  • Try extending the time between ejaculations.
  • Eat lots of eggs
  • Get a taxi it's quicker.. Grin..
  • Take matters into your own hands?
  • increase time in between uses
  • hold off a for a week or two and will be a fountain
  • prostate massage. it gushes.
  • Get your bitch to finger your arsehole

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