• I would think so since in the cultures where marriages are arranged, divorce is almost forbidden. In the middle east, a lot of marriages (not all) are still arranged. If a divorce were to take place for any reason, the children go to the father. I think the fact that the mother will not get her children, will persuade her not to file for divorce. That's sad especially in the event of adultery or abuse.
  • Yes a lot fewer. That does not, however, mean those are happy marriages or that one of them doesnt wish they could. It simply means that in that culture the parents rule the roost and kids dont go against parental orders out of fear of religious recriminations or loss of family ties. "The divorce rate of arranged marriages is less than 4 percent versus 40 percent of marriages in the U.S. where partners chose who to marry on their own free will. Arranged marriages are far from a new concept, and they're still practiced in certain parts of the world. Jun 30, 2017"

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