• Seems it's a sad secret no one admits to that has one of those piercings, maybe for fear of looking like a fool for having done such a thing without knowing the circumstances in the first place. All I know is what people have told me or what I've witnessed in those who have had it done. Your speech is changed forever, and you'll continue to sound like an idiot (sorry) - even after the swelling has gone down. It won't be too long before you've tired of tossing it around in your mouth - trying to get people to notice. By then having biten down on the metal \"fixture\" full force more than once, and hurting sooo much from biting down on your tongue or cheek, you won't believe you're still trying to wear it, and FOR WHAT? The damage done to your teeth until you get to that point will make your dentist all the more richer. I even know someone who swallowed half of his \"mouthpiece\" along with his food. He was trying to manuever his tongue and his jewelry and stay clear of his teeth AND BE COOL. It wasn't until he bit down on the other half that he realized what had happened. The pressure of the bite hurt him like hell and he's lucky it didn't crack his teeth. As much as he worried about it not making it's way \"free and clear\" out the other end, he didn't look for it \"later\" to be sure . . . Sorry to say too, but if you're female, you've just shifted any \"normal\" interest a guy might have in you to one of much more - if not all - sexually inspired because of your tongue piercing. Too sad and true, there's a noticable difference in the reaction you will receive from friends and stangers from it being in your mouth. Too much fascination and for the wrong reason! It's the way of the world, but hardly the way you'd really like to get someone's attention! Hopefully you've got enough self confidence (and respect) to know the difference when it happens - and it will! Keep your mouth clean by not smoking, watching what you eat or drink, especially sugary stuff and alcohol. Keep your teeth clean with rinse, regular flossing, and toothpaste. These habits are more vital than ever now. In addition, use a condom for ALL ORAL SEX, AND don't think knowing someone is enough when you \"hook up\" - not that it ever was! Diseases don't chose who, but you do! STD's happen to cute, nice, hot and cool people too and STD's LOVE dark, moist places with a few extra germs and some extra holes to hide out in while they take hold before being found . . .
  • The swelling and pain, and the addition of the alien object in your mouth all contribute to the lisp. If all of the people that I have known to get a tongue piercing, none of them had a noticable change in speech. not even temporarily. I have to disagree with the other answer, in that it does not permanently change your speech. Sometimes, as in the cases I have witnessed, it doesn't even change it temporarily. As far as the biting on the piercing goes, that is painful, and dangerous to your teeth. Make sure that after the piercing is healed you return to the place you pierced it to have your long piercing barbell (long to accommodate swelling) replaced with a shorter length bar. This will cut down on its effects inside your mouth. Enjoy the piercing!
  • Kinkstar basically your talking ****! your seriously a nutcase!! you blatantly dont have a different voice foever because i have had mine done and i am the same.. it makes no difference whatsoever only for the first couple of days.. unless you learnt from your own experience of this then your about the only person i have heard of that has still got the lisp they got from getting there tongue peirced! i know no-one at all with there voice changed!! and you seriously needa get hold of a councillor or a phychiatrist!
  • After I had my tongue pierced my speach was a bit weird for about a week. Then after the swelling went down and I had the bar changed it was perfectly fine. Sometimes you accidentally bite it when you're eating but in the 3 years i've had it this has only happened to me a few times when i've had too much food in my mouth to begin with! My dentist went a bit mad at me and went on about damage to my teeth and hygiene but i sterilise my bar every 2 weeks (along with other jewelry i wear constantly such as my eyebrow bar) and I brush my tongue thoroughly when I clean my teeth twice a day. There are many reasons why people have their tongues pierced, sometimes it's a fashion statement, sometimes its for sexual reasons. But what ever it is, if you want it done, go for it! You don't have to explain yourself to anyone.
  • i got my tongue pierced 4 days ago, it has swelled alot and i have a lisp, its really horrible, i try so hard to say my S's and G's but its just not for happeneing :( i hope it goes away.
  • Yeah, so the swelling just cause the lisp. It's always been that way and it odds are will always remain be that way, too

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