• (I AM NOT AN EXPERT BUT..) If you're not in any pain, I'd leave it for a while. If it's still bothering you later on, then go see a doctor or professional. It's bound to feel uncomfortable or not look right for the first week or so.
  • When I had mine pierced, I had to leave it in all the time for at least two weeks and keep ice on it. I also had to use some other type of solution that they gave me. I wouldn't suggest taking it out right now unless you want it to close up completely. Even after 6 months of having it, mine closed overnight when I took the ring out. You might want to try calling the place that did it and asking them what they think about it too.
  • I had my tongue peirced and it was swollen and numb unless I ate and that was pure torturous. Swish your mouth out with sea salt water and use listerine to kill bacteria. It should go down in a few days, sometimes it can take 2 weeks.
  • I had mine done when I was younger and only had it in for about 2 days because it swelled so bad and I couldn't eat , swallow, talk or close my mouth. I did what I was supposed to, but was told some ppls bodies just won't except them. I was not much help but it wasn't worth it to me to try and keep it in, and I am glad I didn't.
  • I would avoid taking it out only to put it back in. If your hole is increasing in diameter and you are concerned, call the piercist for advice; you can always just gauge if you feel like you have a lot of room around your stud (after it's healed some). Avoid agitating it if you can, as that will only make the hole increase more.

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