• Peroxide is a chemical and while it kills germs, it can also kill many of the cells repairing the area and slow healing. Your best bet would be to clean it with an unscented soap or rinse with a sea salt solution a few times a day. Good luck : )
  • Salt baths to help healing is much better than peroxide :o)
  • Peroxide acts as a healing agent, so it heals the piercing, but also tries to close it as well. It is better to use an antibacterial agent~
  • Peroxide will cause the new cells forming the fistula to deteriorate.
  • Its not badd it just adds more time 0n the healing process, an it already takes foreever 2heal so yea...just dnt use it!!
  • Can't be that bad unless you are averse to a foaming belly button.

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