• Not very.
  • Not very seriously at all. I prefer to keep my friends in real life only. However, there is one person here on AB that my wife and I are very seriously thinking about visiting when we pass by them later this year.
  • As seriously as I feel each person deserves.
  • As seriously as I take my friendships in real life. I've had several online friendships evolve into real life friendships.
  • Pretty darn serious.
  • Just like any other friend.
  • Pretty seriously, considering they're the only ones I have outside of family.
  • If I make a friend, even if I never see them in person, they are still my friend. After all, I still have friends from school that I only talk to online because we live so far apart now, so why should distance in an online friend not make it a serious friendship?
  • Just as serious as I used to take my own life and its the only friends I have and I'd hate to loose any of them.
  • Seriously enough that if any of them told me to "piss up a rope" I'd have hurt feelings. If they just dissapeared, I'd be worried. The term "online" almost cheapens it for me, So I am going to phrase it differently. I have friendships that I share with people I only see online. Certain people (I hope you know who you are) are as important to me as my "show up and drink all my beer" friends from down the road. The relationships are real. We just communicate with our fingers on a keyboard instead of in a truck with voices and bad smells.
  • I'm engaged to one wooo hooo!!!
  • serious enough to get my feelings hurt.
  • I often take them more seriously than real relationships because it's so much easier to communicate without sarcasms, lies, and exagerations. It's so much easier to talk as if there is nothing at stake. Beyond that, there is always the mutual understanding that we can't trust each other 100% because of the lack of the physical arena between us. At the same time, however, I trust people online as much as I do in real life, because even in real life you never know if someone is who they claim to be, ya know?
  • Very serious. I have mande many friends on AB & they are the most honest ppl when it comes to friendship. They don't knwo me on a face to face basis, but that's when you can usually tell that you have a true friend...whne they CAN'T judge you by your looks, just by what you talk about.

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