• Rarley, Male 14. I don't go often becuase there arn't many near me! I like space museums but thats about it.
  • I go to museams and gallerys on a monthly basis. I have friends that I support in their art by helping them set up in coffe shops and being there on the opening night. I visit the Art instutue Minnesota fairly often maybe once every other month with my fiance. I am also involved with the local art's centre in town. My fiance is actully majoring in Museam studys and art history, she is 19 years old. I am a male 19 years.
  • I went to see Ronald Searle's Art exhibition this evening and it was the first one I have been to in a while. I loved the St Trinian illustrations, I want to get a poster of a St Trinian girl who is dressed with her suspenders hanging down and a fag in her mouth blown up and put on my living room wall, They are great! (27 and female)
  • I love going to Museums and try to go a few times a year ...I'm a 53 year old male
  • there aren't any near me so i don't go often, but if i lived near one, i'd go almost every day. i'm an 18 year old male.
  • I'm more into museums than art galleries, unless it is the Vatican or the Louve, etc., but I like special museums dedicated to specific things like the railroad museum here in Sacramento or also the science and technology museums as well. We used to go to Steinharts aqaurium and hall of sciences in SF a lot. I never get tired of that place. I'm 38, male.
  • I love museums and art gallerys sadly I dont get to them as often as I like. No age, no sex, too much information gathered with other info given in answers can be bad for your, etc :o))
  • I love museums, art dealers, and galleries. I go to a museum about twice a year and to art dealers or art stores about three times a year. I am a woman and 40 years old.
  • I love to visit the National Art Gallery, its my day off. I love the peace and quiet. I like to sit in front of my favourite pieces and drift away. I find it very relaxing. I go as often as I can. I am female and 41.
  • No, I've been to a few museums, and one art gallery, but I don't go with any regularity.
  • no i have been to a couple of art gallerys but never routinely
  • I love the Tate gallery in London. Not the Tate Modern one though, i was bored of that within half an hour!!
  • We go to the Negro League Baseball Museum every year....And the Jazz Museum is right next to it. It's great!
  • I go to the museum daily, because I happen to work there. I go to art galleries several times a week, and to other museums several times a month.

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