• No, I do not agree.
  • There are some church groups who believe Harry Potter and that type of film are Satanic. I think they are over the edge on trying to force people to not watch Harry Potter.
  • Not only did I find the books enthralling, I found the movies to be delightful entertainment for everyone. One can find negativity in anything if that's what they're determined to find.
  • It's entertaining not evil.
  • I don't personally watch them because of their content...but the "Christians" who believe that this will somehow convert their children to the occult are showing a considerable lack of faith in the all-powerful God of the universe.
  • There is far more real evil in the world than to get all upset over a Harry Potter movie. Don't watch the News its full of evil.
  • I'm christian go to church every sunday and i watch and enjoy them they are not evil
  • No they are full of fantisy. They ake you out of reality long enough to enjoy that which is not possible.
  • Anything can be thought of as "evil" by the evil minded!
  • They're stories. People will say anything is evil and ungodly these days.
  • I am not sure why your friend thinks a movie can be evil. It is just a movie. People, on the other hand, can be very evil.
  • Your friend need to come back to the real world! It is just a movie! IT IS NOT REAL! There have been movies like this for as long as I can remember. Why are people making a fuss about these!
  • um, no i dont agree. you're friend is lame, get a new one.
  • I've never seen any of them but from what I've heard, to some extent, yes they are "evil".
  • No I won't call them evil, but meaningless yarns. They teach nothing to the children who see them. We have many such old stories in India, quite interesting to hear but nothing to learn from them.
  • I watched the films, read the books..I'm full of evil at this point. Just dripping with evil, in fact. ;) JK I don't agree with your friend. Its like saying everything one reads is supposed to be taken, in a serious manner. Its listed as fictional work. Books are supposed to be entertaining or at least peak an interest through story telling...JK Rollings found that through the Harry Potter series. :)
  • I know some conservative Catholics who feel this way. They have also taught their daughter that 85% of girls who date get pregnant.
  • Here, I'm too lazy to type it again.
  • Nahhh...I think they are great stories with a moral for children and adults alike. Just consider me "one more stupid Christian bigot" "Mr. Sensitivity and Understanding" below called us.
  • Except for the fifth book, no.
  • When they killed my favorite character I certainly didn't have a positive disposition! Other than that, no.
  • Yes, I think Harry Potter books are evil. They perpetuate stereotypes: ugly people are bad; fat lower middle class people like Harry's uncle are bad and ludicrous. The best people are the magicians (members of the upper class) who go to private boarding schools, who look down on those who don't, and call them contemptuous names, muggles. The best people are the children of the best people: magicians' children get special privileges, go to special schools just because they are magicians' children. In romanticising a form of education that is forever out of reach of the majority of readers, by inviting them to enjoy vicariously privileges that are enjoyed by the class of people to which cannot aspire to belong, I think Harry Potter stories are poisonous, and harmful. George Orwell's essay Boys' weeklies goes into some detail about the same kind of story a generation and a half ago, and comes to similar conclusions. and indeed my response to Harry Potter was influenced by Orwell's analysis.
  • I don't think they're "Evil", but as per johngo's examples, I'm willing to say they're pompous and elitist.
  • um stories

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