• I had several rabbits growing up. The biting is their way of telling you not to stop. It's not a hard bite as in anger but a playful nip like a puppy.
  • Is it a nip or a real bite? If the rabbit is nipping you, it's an invitation for you to groom it or give it attention. It may even try to dig on top of your foot. If it is a bite, the rabbit is angry with you, trying to show it's dominance.
  • I had a bunny who would lick my face alol over like a dog and nip at the corners of my eyelids which only ever happenned once cuz it hurt like hell! But my rabbit was trying to groom out "hard to reach" stuff. Maybe your bunny is going the same. I think when ur rabbit looks up at you its saying," k i know I got your attention, now love me!!"

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