• i know 1 its the devel 1
  • Sailors would tattoo nautical stars on their forearms as a good luck symbol in hopes of returning home. At least three of the famous mutiny on the Bounty mutineers, Fletcher Christian, James Morrison and the American Isaac Martin, had nautical stars tattooed on their left breasts.[citation wiki/naustar] Other mutineers are reported as being heavily tattooed. It is also a popular tattoo design used by punk rockers, soldiers and others, mostly as a symbol for finding one's way through life
  • I like Tech Guy's answer. =] But any tattoo can have special meaning, if you want it to. I guess they can mean anything you want them to...? lol
  • There are alot of cultures, cults and gangs out there, so it could represent anything. First you have to look at the character that carries it.
  • Mine does its a triple moon pentagram :) with a bast sitting on top
  • its all the same.... its all just a pretty scare on your skin..:) x
  • i just got 13 stars on my right foot... i just like stars and i think they are pretty
  • if there's for in the shape of a cross, with one below the right star, that's the southern cross which is assosiated with australia

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