• Extras. Ricky Gervais and the rest of the cast are great. United States
  • The Young Ones. Australia.
  • i think one of the funniest shows that was on was benny hill
  • I haven't seen any recent British comedy series, particularly because I have 4 young daughters and they tend to hog the TV which is usually stuck on the Disney Channel. I remember watching The Benny Hill show when I was growing up, and I don't think I've seen anything funnier than that. A few times late at night BBC has aired it and I still laugh. BTW I'm in the USA.
  • "As Time Goes By" - current favorite. It's "serious comedy," witty and authentic in its comments about life. "Monty Python" show - long time ago favorite and still funny. It's off-the-wall whimsical outrageous but smart comedy. USA
  • U.S.A. here as well =]
  • I loved Monty Python. And I loved Blackadder as well, all of them. Father Ted was a laugh riot!!! Another one I really like was called Good Neighbors here in the USA but I thin it was called Good Life in the UK. I live in USA.
  • I'm in Canada and I like pretty well all the British sitcoms. They are just so funny. It would be hard for me to just pick a few.
  • "Are You Being Served?" is my favorite now. I used to like a British sitcom entitled "Butterflies", but PBS cancelled it and I haven't seen it in years. And about 15 years ago, my favorite British sitcom was a drama-comedy called "Grange Hill". It was about the adventures and misadventures of the lives of British school children at a school called Grange Hill. I don't know if you've heard about this show. I live in Canada.
  • Monthy Python, Blackadder and Green Wing. I guess I like Coupling as well. Denmark:)
  • are you being served and are you being served again, are two of my favorites,I also like keeping up apperances. I wondered how that show ended? I am from canada.
  • I have so many its hard to narrow down. Im a big fan of British humor. I live in the USA.
  • My country: USA Monty Python's Flying Circus is always a blast, but during college I loved the show "My Hero." I loved what I saw of Mr. Bean, too, but that was very limited. Over time though, my favorite is still the Flying Circus.
  • I don't think it was meant as a comedy, but the British version of "Trading Spaces" was awesome. The people would come home so pissed! I'm from the U.S.
  • It'd be a toss up between Absolutely Fabulous and Black Adder. Southwestern United States, but my tastes are not an indication of what others in my region would like!
  • im from australia and i absolutly loved the goodies!!!!
  • There are way too many to be able to choose. I guess at the moment I would have to say a toss up between Are you being Served, Keeping up Appearances and Coupling (I recieved new DVDs for Christmas and have been watching marathons). I am in the USA. Oh but I really like My Family too and Father Ted and, and, no don't make me choose.
  • i'm not a huge fan of dads army, black adder and such. I really like the comedys they are just downright hilarius! Allo allo, some mothers do ave em, are you being served,kepping up with apperences and ebsolutely fabulous are great. My fave is probobly keeping up with apperiences and allo allo.
  • Fawlty Towers, with John Cleese was funny.Also "Are you being served" was funny.
  • Couples / USA
  • i live in ireland. bottom blackadder red dwarf
  • Alan Partridge. Brass Eye. The Day Today. The Inbetweeners. I'm from the Scotland.
  • I left England years ago but I used to love Benny Hill, Paul Hogan had a show...and I remember another guy...older man that would do his show with small tissue on his chin from cutting himself shaving in the early '80s. I can't remember his name though...he was funny.
  • I am from the U.S. and I loved The Young Ones when it was shown on MTV here in the states.
  • Fawlty Towers for comedy. Coronation Street for day to day stuff. I'm Canadian.

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