• Nothing so far:)
  • I once meant to call someone clueless and forward her email to my mother. Instead, I still called her clueless, but replied to her. I apologized, she was ok about it, and I learned two things - 1) never call anyone clueless and 2) don't hit reply instead of forward.
  • I got an email that was something like "Is your crush your perfect match?" and yeah, I was a stupid kid. So I clicked on the link and typed in the name of my crush and hit enter. It turns out that it was a joke, and it emailed my response back to the person who sent me the email...who happened to be the guy I had a crush on. AND he was my ex-boyfriend, and I had assured him again and again that I was "over him". It was pretty awkward, but I got over it.
  • The worst thing I did was send an email to the wrong person. But my most embarrassing moment was when I sent a joke out to a group of friends and family and my ex sent a derogatory remark back and hit reply-all so he ended up sending it to all of my friends and family. I don't know if he did this intentionally or accidentally, but I never sent him another joke.
  • Accidently uploading my porn onto fb. Lol Geese no just kidding. Never had an embarrassing internet moment. Luckily not.

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