• mmm usually w/ hair is that if u cut the ends it wil grow longer and after a while do that again or just use some creams that should work 2 GOOD LUCK!!
  • Sometimes a change of diet helps and I know herbs such as Garlic and Grapeseed extract help increase circulatory ability and they also clean your blood of impurities so that would not only help you sexually, physically, but it might even increase your hair-growth due to the folicals and the blood surging to them. Also, Pre Natals might help as would a Vitamin B12 suppliment. Basically, just be healthy, and take vitamins with caution, for they too can kill just as any drug could. Hope this helps.
  • Turn your hair black using shampoo within 5 Minutes, easy to use. VIP hair colour shampoo is specially designed to make your hair black and shining just through ordinary process of washing hair.
  • Keep shaving!
  • just dont cut it

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