• Look up your Basic Metabolic Rate online. There are calculators for men and women, and you have to enter certain criteria such as weight (or some measurements), etc... Like this one:
  • 2,304 because we burn 96 calories an hour when we are asleep. So 2304 would be the minimum and depending on our activity levels, we may burn several thousand more than that figure if we are very, very active.
  • i checked online and it all depends on if you are male or female and what you weigh. If i stayed in bed all day and did nothing at 5'5" and 120lbs I would burn 1365 calories a day.
  • Depends on your wieght. Ex...If you are normaly 180lb you burn about 1,800 per day and intake about the same amount. The same if your were 150lb normaly, your burn about 1,500 and intake about the same.

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