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  • Watersports are an alternative sexual practice where either one or both partners urinates on the other partner for pleasure. This is actually one of the more common "alternative" sexual practices, and is quite safe as long as you follow some common sense rules: - First off, while there is no evidence of HIV being transmitted through urine, other diseases, such as hepatitis B, herpes, and other STD's can be easily trasmitted through urine to any breaks in the skin. - If you decide to drink someone's urine, the above applies, as well as the fact that any drugs in their system will show up in yours if you get drug tested. - The US Army survival manual states never drink urine that has been stored, it will be filled with dangerous bacteria. - A submissive woman on the internet who was ordered to drink all of her urine for too long a period was hospitalized with a severe kidney infection. Keep things reasonable. All in all, it can be a very intimate and even exotic experience, if you follow common safety rules.
  • Gone for soldiers every one! :-/
  • +5 They've been hibernating through the winter months (sort of like bears do) but they're getting ready to come back again soon; I see the signs!
  • Ooooh here's some just for my friend :D
  • somewhere warm, or the florist
  • Hey, It's Spring. They are coming back very soon. That's where you are active in and on the water like at water polo, water skiing (don't worry you'll spend time in the water LOL), jet ski, sailing, etc. A lot of the time you do these for fun, but there is competition in most of them to see who is better or faster.
  • don't worry my dear, they will be back
  • We have some..two beautiful purple Iris in front..two lily plants each of which has a flower unfolding...rosebushes with buds about to burst open..we even have some lovely weeds in the back with yellow flowers. Willing to share with you if you'd like some! Happy Thursday! :) ((hugs))
  • Nature's curse!!!
  • To give way to new ones.....
  • Long time passing!
  • They are showing up in my yard right now....Tulips, Iris's, Lilly's and some kind of purple flower that looks almost like snap dragons.
  • Sports which involve water!
  • Anything you do together that involves urination.
  • I think someone missed the naughty point

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