• A free-standing building is not attached to any other structure. It doesn't have wings that go outside the main structure. It stands 'alone'. The one in Dubai is just the whole building all by itself. They have a foundation but they don't rely on anything other than gravity and themselves to stay erect.
  • Both towers and buildings can be called freestanding structures. They are distinguished in terms of floors, and observation decks. The free standing structure may include masts supported by guy wires.
  • In architectural circles is it commonly accepted that a 'building' is a stucture built to be occupied (by people). Most, if not all, buildings are free-standing structures, but not all free-standing structures are buildings. The Burj Dubai and Taipei 101 are both buildings and at the same time free-standing structures. The Eiffel tower, Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, The Quezon Memorial, etc...(I'm sure you can think of more) are free-standing structures.

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