• Basically a gold claim is giving you legal rights to be the rightful person allowed to search/pan/survey for gold at a particular site while not actually owning the property. A mining claim can be located on federal lands (Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service) that are open to mineral location. If you have a specific location site in mind, you may verify that the lands are open to mineral entry. This can be accomplished by checking with the Bureau of Land Management State Office Information Access Center, who will assist you in determining if the lands are open to mineral entry by checking master title plats, records, files and other pertinent information. You must file your mining claim/site location notice with the Bureau of Land Management, usually within 90 days from the date of location of the claim or site and you must also file with the County Recording Office. Once you have staked a claim and are recorded as the rightful claimholder, there are annual fees to keep your claim.

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