• its truly hard not to think about him you can be having fun and then somthing or someone will say somthing to remind you i dont really know what to do.
  • I'm not gonna lie. you're gonna need a really BIG dildo......And it doesn't talk back. Win/Win
  • Dear friend, I read this great book... It was all about "how to fall out of love." It helped me soooo much! The principle was easy: 1.)Erase as many painful reminders as you can. Like letters, emails, texts, and get rid of pictures (or just put them out of view if you can't bear to part with them) 2.)Write a list of things that make you extremely happy, whether it be a memory or a goal... 3.)Everytime you start to think about the person remember a happy thing on your list and try to remember every detail of the happy thing. It switches your thoughts almost immediately. 4.)If this doesn't work, concentrate on the person's flaws and exaggerate them to ridiculousness. For example my ex had a really big nose and I imagined kissing him with big boogeys coming out. It seems funny, but you laugh and it helps get them off that pedastal you put them on. Laughing is good! It helped me a lot! I hope it helps you. XOXO! It gets easier, I promise.
  • think about something else
  • Unnless you are an exceptional multitasker, your brain can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time. So give it something else to think about.. Get your calendar out and fill it up. Monday do the laundry and change the sheets. Tuesday read a book listen to music.. Wednesday work out at the gym, running, workout channels on tv or CDs. Thursday long candle light bath and mani/pedi prep for weekend. Friday connect with friends phone or in person. Saturday lunch with friend dinner or movie with friend. Sunday sleep in then prep for coming week do some shopping for lunches/dinners. Fill up every single day for a month. Train yourself yourself to stop wasting time on things you shouldn't.

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