• pilates, crunches, eating fruit after working out for the fiber and that will also help with the exiting of waste in your colon. I tried everything too, but if you are like me and had kids, forget about getting the muscles to show again. I had to have a tummy tuck to get the muscles back together. now, i am very careful of what i eat and i work out to maintain it. but if you prefer a less invasive approach, just try crunches or better yet, hip hop abs, it is fun and it does work, for most people!!!
  • Excercise will only do so much. You have to cut the fat out of your diet so your body burns up the excess fat that it carries. Burn off more than you take in. Easy to say but hard to do unless you really want it.
    • EchoTheWolf
      not the best way there are certain fats that are needed in your body its better to stick with normal balanced meals....
  • Actually there are no exercises you can do that will target a specific area of fat. Your body will lose fat on different parts of your body based on your genetic makeup. There are many exercises that will build your stomach muscles, but it is not possible to target areas for fat reduction. So in conclusion, you can target areas to build muscles but you cannot target areas to lose fat.
  • Cardio alone will not do it. You'd be suprised how quickly you will see results when adding a little weight training and/or crunches. Pilates is awesome for ab work.

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