• Leave the past in the past, and the future in the future. Live for today, that's all we really have anyway.
  • 2007 started out like a normal, fairly good going year. But, the last few months have been torture for me. I don't necessarily mean that figuratively either. I hope that graduating and turning 18 in this new year will bring on the much needed changes to bring me out of the rut I am in. Good luck and the best to everyone on AB for 2008.
  • 2007 will be gone in 2 minutes and I'll toast to 2008 being much better! Cheers!
  • Welcome 2008!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!
  • And to all of you as well. I bought the DVD "The Secret" a few months ago and gave it to all in my family. It's so logical and my life has changed since I started working and adhereing to this philosophy. It couldn't possibly create problems with any religion or philosophy at least none that I could think of. I repeat my list of things I'm grateful for twice a day. I've had problems with depression and this has helped me tremendously. I think I'll buy the book also as I think it has some testimonials in it. Soooooo, all this blather means that I'm pretty sure my 2008 is going to be better than 2007 which was pretty good as it was. All the best to all of you!
  • Goodbye and good riddance to 2007 the worst year I ever had. HELLO! 2008 the best year I will ever have.
  • Yes please I hope 2008 will be better then 2007. I wish my family, friends(furry families too) & AB friends good health & a prosperous new year.
  • 2007 wasn't the greatest year I've had, so hopefully 2008 will be much better.
  • I want to thank all whom I met on Answerbag in 2007 and I hope that I can end 2008 by saying that I met a number of you during the year. I hope to meet a certain Swami this year as well. I really can't wait!
  • 2007 was a great year for me! I passed 3/4's of my first year of my masters, quit WoW, welcomed my 2nd son into the world, got my first real job here in Norway, found AB and no one I know closely died (first time for about 15 years!). 2008 will not be able to top that cos of my son, but its going to be close! I hope lol. I expect to graduate from my masters, get a real job that pays a real amount (double my current salary of about 40k dollars), get married, buy a new car (a major thing here due to the prices!) and loads more yet to be found out!
  • 2007 was a mixed bag of highs and lows for me, but mostly highs. I did a lot of travelling this year, at home and overseas, and things were pretty stable on the homefront. I was able to exercise my way to health and put on a fair bit of muscle. My overall health was good, no major colds or illnesses, but I had one setback a few weeks ago, when I got horribly kicked in the b_lls by our neighbour's 9 year-old boy. That one "mishap" nearly sent me to hospital with a pair of ruptured testicles, and I will never forget the pain and torture I went through that evening in September (see pic of me below, the one where I'm sitting---taken on the same evening of the unfortunate incident, just 1 hour or so before the kid kicked me in the b_lls. Ugh.) One of my new year's resolutions is to buy myself a protective athletic cup and wear it religiously whenever the boy visits!
  • Adios 2007! I love new beginnings!

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