• -10 twice for two benazir bhutto questions... but then it caught up with people answering afterwards... wasn't even offensive. just... "what happened...?"... but it's ok! i'm doing great on the other ones so... :)
  • -31 for "Shut the f*** up" lol I thought it was a fair and informed answer!
  • -17 - my personal best
  • What was the biggest beer bong you have successfuly completed? got me a -5 Q: What percentage of newer cars really require higher octane than regular gasoline? My A: 0%, higher octane is a myth. got me a -9 Talk about no sense of humor! LOL :-Þ
  • I had a few -8's but someone positrolled me - so now my worst is a -3 I think :) Who is your favorite porn star?
  • I don't know, I've received plenty of downrates. Probably something having to do with my opinion of the UN.
  • My answer to creating Mescaline. I figured the Schmoe asking how to make it would take a hint, or take it as humor: My Tom Cruise Answer. I got "dinged" several times My Berkely answer. I lost my freakin' noggin on this one. I had to edit it like 5 times. I had a come-apart and typed my most vile, and hateful answer to date. The version here is very tame compared to the original.
  • Question: Answer:
  • When someone wrote about some dude named Kedar. The questions is: "Do you want an update on him? He is in Italy..." I wrote down in a reponse: "No offense, but who the hell is he? Is he made-up? And why would you want to write that down on a website? Tell your friends, not on a website." -10 points for that.
  • Probably -10 points because a man asked a question like 'When trannys with their bits changed enter the Olympics, what team are they on?' Was i the ONLY one to think thats a stupid question, or the only one to say it?

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