• not trying to be smart but make sure its plugged in the wall good and that all the other cords are completly plugged into the machine and tv
  • Have you read the manual? Have you plugged it in? Is it still in the box? Have you tried calling/emailing support?
  • I had the same problem after a power outage at my house, even with the Xbox plugged into a surge protector. The console would not turn on, and the power cord light was off as well. When I pressed the reset button, the light would flash red/green a few times, and then nothing. The test button got no reaction at all. I saw a post on another site from someone who discovered that after you press the reset button it remains depressed for 1-2 seconds before popping back out, and that during this time the Xbox will turn on (but loses power again when the button pops back out). I had given up on my console, but after reading this, I hoped to rescue my copy of Halo 2 which was still in the disc tray. So I tried this several times, trying to get the disc tray to open during the brief moment of power before the reset button popped back out. It took several tries, because you really don’t get much time at all. Finally I was successful and (to my surprise) once I got the disc tray open, the Xbox stayed on, even after the reset button popped back out. I tested it several times, turning it on and off and it worked fine, the only difference being that the light on the power cord remained on, but red. After unplugging the cord and plugging it back in, the light turned green and stayed on as it should be. Now everything is back to normal and the Xbox works fine, as though nothing ever happened. I don’t know if this was all a fluke, so I can’t promise this will work for you, but you may try to duplicate it and see what happens. Good luck! I hope it helps!

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