• extremely well.
  • They used Carrier pigeons
  • I still 'survive' without one. I am wondering how we are going to survive them! People are getting more and more self-absorbed, work-addicted, developing rude public phone habits, talking or texting while driving!! I'm sincerely not fond of cell phones at all.
  • To be truthful, many did not survive. It seems like a joke, but really, there were times when people's lives could have been saved if only they had been able to call for help in time.
    • Linda Joy
      Good point!
  • *shudders at the thought* Oh dude....I really dont know!!
  • I got along fine. I leave mine home many times and I don't even have a phone in the house.
  • Personally I was able to remember everything I needed at the store and I was able to sit quietly and even go to an amusement park without having to call someone. Shocking I know, but I was even able to go to the post office or stand in a line without a phone in my hand. Finally I could even drive 30 miles without anyone needing to get a hold of someone or them me what a world I lived in !!!
    • Linda Joy
      I salute you! A true pioneer! I once went over 1000 miles with my family and all my belongings to a new home with no cell phone!
  • There's the landline. Personally, right now, my cell phone is not really a part of my communication life. I use it more to take pictures and videos.
  • 1-800-collect
  • In blessed silence.
  • A helluva lot better than I currently do, that's for sure.
  • Phone booths...
    • Linda Joy
      Now what is Superman going to do?!!
  • Also there is a law being passed preventing cell and texting while driving and doing your morning makeup at the same time.
    • Linda Joy
      Don't forget breakfast and coffee! How will our grandchildren learn how to multitask?
  • Well, when we had important things to say we stored them in our head until we got home and made a call. If it was really important, we had pay phones everywhere for our convenience. And when we were bored or indulging our short attention spans and thought about chatting randomly about the show we saw last night or wondering what someone was up to, we simply let the urge pass and went about our business. The world was quieter then.
  • the same way you survived without AB.
    • Linda Joy
      Oh don't get carried away now!!!
  • Simple answer is breathing. I say that, yet I have two bluetooth ear sets on me (one for cell, one for VOIP). I have three computers in front of me and I am remotely connected to a couple of others. I have multiple networks at home, I have two cell numbers. Yet I can simply walk away from it and just breath air. On that note, I also need to eat.
    • Linda Joy
      The infamous Nelson! May you Jetpack into eternity! Untethered by earthly bindings! Never met you, but I love you, man! You have inspired me during my bedbound days! May Jetpacking live on in your honor!
  • The same way I survive now without one. I, personally, think they are a pain in the a**!! I can't stand people being able to contact me every second of every day!
  • Pay-phones
  • Quietly, excuse me I have to take this call. hello? Esteban is not here, you have the wrong number. Where has I?
  • *gasp!* People lived without cell phones?!? lol. No, I live without a cell phone. You just have to organize things before hand and carry some change with you to work a payphone.
  • I have a Tracfone that I rarely use as a phone, at least not enough to warrant upgrading to a monthly plan. Much of the time I have no reception because of where I live. (Many of the State Police get spotty reception on their cruiser's radios here too.) I regard it as a convenience, but I cannot rely on it for emergencies due to lack of coverage in my area. Mostly, I use it because it was given to me and the alarm is louder than my clock radio and I can only remember about a dozen phone numbers off the top of my head.
  • A HELL of alot better, people paid attention driving, taking face to face with people , they got out and enjoyed the company of others.
  • Made plans ahead of time - with backup plans, drove better, visited with people in person, wrote letters and emails, called on our home phone....
  • The same way I survive now. Plan ahead, use a pay phone, wait till later to chat. Not a problem.
  • I know right, Geez I can't live without any of this technology or i'll die
  • With many many less interruptions!
  • i think it was more fun cause i got to hang with people instead of them being on their phones all the time
  • Home phones and payphones were a popular way of communication before cell phones took over.
  • The CELL phone, other cells are in the body, and the one's you put prisoners in, kind of ironic don't you think?
  • One day at a time, like we always do.
  • We used payphones (which were everywhere) and people tended to live more in the present moment, rather than in a virtual space. It was actually really cool. I miss it.

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