• Much much much too often. Divorce is a sad thing to see. Fidelity in marriage is sadly something that's too often tossed by the wayside. If the man is truly sorry then I would consider taking him back, but not if he's obviously going to be a repeat offender.
  • I think they realize this when the floozie they left their wife for ends up divorcing them a few years later. Too late..
  • I knew someone who divorced his wife and remarried. (He met his second wife after the divorce). His second wife ended up being the wife from hell. So he divorced wife number two and remarried wife number one.
  • Unfortunately it happen way too much. It's the grass is always greener syndrome. After the thrill of the new adventure wears off, most men will start to harken for what they knew. What made them comfortable. The habits and rituals of their past married life. If your husband or boyfriend has run off, you can get him back. Read more here:
  • when they realise the bloody grass aint greener on the other side and appreciate that when the fairy dust wear off they are just the same as other woman eventually lol

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