• 1. Orgasm 2. Could lead to anal 3. Pleasing your man 4. Sperm all over your back
  • There shouldn't be any risks from intimacies in the "doggie-style" position except having an enjoyable time sexually. It's hurting most likely because your BF is going at it too fast and too furiously. I would suggest that he use a little more foreplay time and when you're ready to take his time. I think that will take most if not all the "pain" out of your doggie-style intimacies.
  • why does it hurt? Not enough "lube?"
  • This position causes the pelvic bones to tighten around the vagina essentially causing you to tighten immediately. if you're already tight then this can be uncomfortable. always use more lube, take it from someone who's had the joys of not doing so, if you don't then you can tear and that takes weeks to heal. if you do tear or if you have really bad chafing, use vitamin E oils, they will accelerates healing exponentially.
  • What's the deal with lube? I certainly understand the concept and use it. After a certain point in their lives women need it to facilitate the process. It's a natural part of aging. But for about 35 years I had sex with women and it was no kind of issue. Now people, presumably young by the fact that have never done ds, needing it? It's not just this stream, it's everywhere. Is there somekind of dryness epidemic? Or, are women doing things their bodies don't really want to do?
  • You can start by laying on your stomach...and then just go from there. There is deeper penetration in the doggie style position.

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