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  • Kyogre-Stataen presents…... Project Answerbag! (Version 2.0) Finally here, let me just summarize how I started this. Around the month of September of 2007, it was just another day on Answerbag, when all of a sudden, a bright idea came up to me. After thinking about it, I’ve decided to make something that will hopefully benefit the members here at Answerbag. After thinking what to do, I first sat down, and wrote it on paper, and then started typing this along the day, hoping one day sooner it will come… and here it is. This is here what’s called “Project Answerbag.” This project took a solid 2 months to create, along with revisions and editing. The project consists in the following breakdowns as here. Introduction Part 1- Main Basics of Answerbag Part 2 – Points Scale System Part 3- Moderation Guidelines Closings ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Introduction It was an enormous world out there. There were billions of people all over the world. By the new millennium, the world had entered into the Information Age, where data was stored into computers, as more books stuffed in the libraries, and people continued to share their knowledge through others. However, when people shared their knowledge, many had forgotten it quickly, but could not find any references to it. Many people were scattered trying to seek answers that were still not out there. Many thought that this may never be achieved, until there was a new hope. A new hope was rising. One man had stood up and had taken action upon it. It was a man by the name of Joel Downs, as he seeks to find a solution. Then in 2003, a solution was conducted, hoping it will contribute to the information age. A new website had been born, known as As Answerbag started, the numbers stared small, and many still did not know the website very well. However, as time passed, more people started to find out about the website, which increased in numbers. When more time passed, even more members came, which meant updates on the website. To the original 1.0, to the latest edition of 6.0, Answerbag continues to be a world-wide known website, attracting members from all over the world, while still retaining its number one goal: to continue helping others on asking and answering questions to help expand the human knowledge network. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part 1 Main Basics of Answerbag Our fellow Answerbaggers, Answerbag is a great place to learn the new intellects and aspects of one of another. It is a very useful site where one could access it for various types of information. This is truly a website of idea sharing and facts, but however, it seems that there is now more than just Answerbag itself. To understand Answerbag, one must know the basics on how the website is run. The following tabs include the basics of Answerbag, to get a new member started strong. The Points System and Points The points that are awarded to a user of a contribution of answers or thought-provoking questions that one has put into. Points are awarded through questions, answers, and moderation. Through answers and questions, the points come from another user who thinks that it is a good answer or excellent question. The moderation points come from the user input, and not from someone else. Mainly, it is something to recognize the most contributors here on Answerbag. However, now it just seems that points are more of the “game” here. Nowadays, it feels like many users are just getting points to become a higher rank and to be well recognized. It feels like now whoever has the most points wins. But really, that is not the main purpose here. Points may be something, but it is not that important. A user’s goal should not to achieve as many points, but to rather help others as well. There is an important reason about the points, and that it the quality of answer or question ratings. For example, a question is asked and is given many answers. Points are awarded to answers while others remain still. The users that vote the best answer is the highest rating, and therefore in this case, receives the most points, because the answer best explains to the question here. Answers that do not provide contribution to the question may be downrated by users. Moderation Moderation is become a popularity on these days now. It has been an improvement that moderation flags came along. The main reasons for moderation were to flag duplicates, nonsense questions/answers, or offensive questions/answers. (In other words, help clean the site) Sometimes, the moderation is necessary, not because of the points, but rather the questions that were asked before. Sometimes, there can be too many of the same questions that are asked over and over again. Other questions can come out to make no sense at all. Other questions are just rather advertising and/or rather crude and harmful. And sometimes, there are questions that are just simply placed in the wrong category. Trolls Naturally, users would hate the trolls. Trolls are users that downrate people with multiple downrates with no comment or for no good reason. Many of the users get trolled often, and not just on one question/answer, but very many. It is very difficult to find out who is doing such these things since the point ratings are anonymous, (Unless told). And it’s not just the downratings as well. Some trolls would ask offensive or threatening questions/answers that would hurt other people in the cyberworld. Others will attempt to misuse the moderation guide to reject as many questions/answers as possible. Some of these would last just one day, while others come back to hurt others more. It is best recommended that if a troll or other users attacks you with offensive questions/answers, and not about the points, then a report may be necessary. Flagging the questions/answers is also common on these situations as well. The Knowledge Network System Lets face it. No one is perfect, and no one can do everything. Here at Answerbag, we strive our best by expanding our knowledge through others. As stated before, Answerbag brings forth members from all over the world, and many members share their knowledge through their cultures, experiences, and philosophies. You never know what you could find, perhaps an answer to your question you’ve always been thinking, or another expansion on a debate. Sometimes not all answers are truthful. Some may put a false answer, while others input a correct answer may change over time to a point where is a better answer out. Of course, we will always know that 2+2=4, but for those questions and answers that change often, look forward to those changes. Keep in mind also that not all answers are accurate as well. Some answers may be correct, but may not be 100% accurate as shown. Not everything is here on Answerbag, but for the main purpose, we strive our very best to make this a productive website everyday. Final Closings Once again, Answerbag is a great website to learn new things, spread knowledge, and for clean and fair debates. Although there will disagreements there and now, let’s accept the fact that there are challenges everyday, and that life is rewarding with the roads and choices. End of Part I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part II The Points Rating Scale System Ever wonder why you wish you can only give so many points at one time? Have you ever wondered why you can only give so many points while some others can give more? Well of course, that’s because the user who can give more points are at a higher level for now. Here, in this part of this project, this chart has been created to actually see which levels can you give more of a higher points value. You know as you level up, you can give more points. The question is, which level can you give more rating power? You’re about to find out! There are two charts that have been made. They both follow the same procedure, but have different settings. Chart 1 Ratings Scale +1 on Answers Level 3 Novice +2 Level. 13 Wiz +3 Level. 23 Expert +4 Level. 32 Professor +5 Level. 43 Brain +6 +1 on Questions Level 5 Contributor +2 Level 16 Authority +3 Level 28 Expert +4 Level 40 Brain +5 -1 on Questions Level 9 Contributor -2 Level 21 Expert -3 Level 33 Professor -4 Level 47 Brain -5 -1 on Answers Level 11 Wiz -2 Level 24 Expert -3 Level 36 Professor -4 Level 49 Brain -5 Chart 2 Path Scale Level 3 Novice +2 on Answers Level 5 Contributor +2 on Questions Level 9 Contributor -2 on Questions Level 11 Wiz -2 on Answers Level 13 Wiz +3 on Answers Level 16 Authority +3 on Questions Level 21 Expert -3 on Questions Level 23 Expert +4 on Answers Level 24 Expert -3 on Answers Level 28 Expert +4 on Questions Level 32 Professor +5 on Answers Level 33 Professor -4 on Questions Level 36 Professor -4 on Answers Level 40 Brain +5 on Questions Level 43 Brain +6 on Answers Level 47 Brain -5 on Questions Level 49 Brain -5 on Answers And there you have it everyone. This information is indeed the most accurate information possibly recorded. Please do make any comments if you do see any mistakes. End of Part II ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Part III Moderation Systems (2 Phases on this project) Phase I Moderation Guideline Moderation on Questions Duplicates Questions are marked duplicates that help pertain from the amount of points, and to keep this website clean. If a question is an exact same of a question, it can be flagged as a duplicate. When you flag it, a window of the same tab on your Internet browser will pop up, and you will see similar questions that portray to the original question. Select the question that you think might be a duplicate to confirm it. If you wish to cancel the flag, just hit cancel, or close the window. No need for examples here, as there are too many to specify. WARNING- Just because a question is exactly the same on another question, doesn’t mean that it is an automatic duplicate. What I noticed was that a question was rejected, although it was exactly the same. However, their meanings were different. There could be more than one case whereas the same question was asked, but for a different situation. Here's an example: A question that looks the same to each other doesn't mean that it's a duplicate. Here's an example. What is the 5-second rule? In this case, you may refer this to food falling to the floor and still eating it before 5 seconds. Others may refer this to the NBA, as there is a 5 second rule in one of the regulations of basketball. Do you see where this is going? They both have the same text on the question, but mean two different things. When you flag a duplicate, check to see the categories on the questions on the window box when it pops up. It could be the same, but it is category that counts in this case. The flag may not be approved as if the questions were both in different categories. Nonsense Questions that are marked nonsense are questions that not questions that are recommended. When you flag it, there is just a yes or no to help flag it as nonsense. Some examples include: (Some examples are marked with a number between a bracket to the furthest right. When you see this, this means that there is more information about that example.) Trivial questions Pursuit questions Questions in a language other than English unless specified Imperative Demands [1] Incomplete Questions Huge amounts of errors in misspelling. At least more than half of the question Questions that don’t make any sense at all- “fkdsafnewkfjksjkfj” (I have seen these many times before) Questions that do not specify anything URL links that do not specify the question (Not all URL questions will be rejected unless specified) [2] Inflectional Grammar Questions that do not end with a question [3] [1] Be careful with this one. Not all imperative demand questions will be rejected. If the demand question actually asks for an answer that can be provided by someone, it is considered to be a clean questions, and possibly any flags may not reject the questions. [2] If you look at the URL links, you must know when to flag and not. One-time questions pertaining to the link may not be rejected. Repeated uses of the URL link may be sustained as advertising, which questions may be rejected along with a possible report. URL links that may promote other Answerbag related topics, or non-harmful websites outside of Answerbag are questions that will not be rejected. [3] This bracket is also similar to the first one. If you look at the questions, you’ll notice that not all users will end with a question. If the user still asks for a demand that can be answered, it is considered to be clean. If the question however doesn’t ask for anything, it may be marked as a flag. For one thing, there are some questions that may be accepted as a count of demand questions. Not every single demand question will be rejected, as it is limited but not inferred to some cases. Sometimes, there may be other questions that may not be rejected at all, as for some cases, there many be a specific reason to why the question may not have been rejected. Spam/Offensive Questions that are marked spam/offensive are questions that do not help the website in any way. Examples include: Insulting, verbal, or abusive phrases Asking for points (even just one point) Threatening questions Questions that does not address the users Advertising in any way Harmful URL links Having user names in a negative thread Misuse of the moderation system or being marked as a spammer in a condition where it is extended may result in placing a user in the Penalty Box. SEVERE CLAUSE: If a user continues to spam and not provide contribution to Answerbag, the account may be ‘nuked’ This is when the account is erased of all data and makes the account useless. This is only a staff decision. It is more common on new users who only spam at the start and continue on. Rarely is it performed on well-known users on Answerbag. Wrong Category This flag is very popular if I am not mistaken. Mostly, it’s because many questions can be suited into more than one category. To flag a question into wrong category, choose the new category you think that might be suited better. You must do the work into this, and select the new category for the question. The questions will not be rejected, and will remain active, just simply moved into its proper location. When a question is moved, it enhances the expert categories. The points get reduced from the expert category, and are moved on into a different set. No total points will be lost from your total score, just enhanced from the expert category. Moderation on Answers Since there are only two flags to the answers that address to the questions, this part will be short. Nonsense It’s basically the same thing for questions, but most of the examples are excluded, since it can only be asked as a question. Examples are: Huge amounts of errors in misspelling Answers that do not address the question “I don’t know” –Answers “Please flag, this is a duplicate” “Meant to be as a comment. Please flag” Completely different answers when it was supposed to be into another answer. Spam/Offensive It’s just about the same thing just a few minor enhances to the answers. Examples are- Insulting, abusive answers Answers that don’t address the question Threatening answers Advertising, using URL links Foul language [1] [1] With regards to foul language on Answerbag, it is strongly discouraged to use it. You may see some foul language here and there, but is something that will not be tolerated. Users have slipped saying one or two words, but don’t take it too far where it could cause consequences. For one thing, I can assure you that this is not everything. From what I also see as well, there are other questions that look legal, but are still rejected in some case. That I don’t know where this stands, whether the question was legal or should have been rejected. Here is some more advice whereas moderation knowledge is expanded here. Basically, this is about everything, everything that I know of for sure. Sure, moderation points are one thing, but it’s truly the answers to the questions that count more than the moderation. However, there will be times when moderation is needed, to mark duplicates, nonsense questions and answers, or abusive questions and answers, or a question just simply not in the right category. ******************** Phase II Preventing Rejected Questions For one thing, I cannot tell you that every question will always be accepted though. This section is not a complete guarantee. Before you take a look at my answer, I suggest looking at following link. This can help you further and can be used as a reference to an extension of knowledge to this question that was asked. Before someone asks a question about something, the following points may be considered: 1. Is it a duplicate question that someone asked before? 2. Am I clear of what I am asking? 3. Is this question safe and does not harm or attack others in any way? Am I stating the links right and not referring as to a business or another URL link? 4. Is my question in the appropriate and/or most accurate category? Duplicates When checking to make sure that your question is not a duplicate among other questions, you can try to look up the questions as well. The beta search is a useful tool that one can use for searing for questions and answers, even among the Question Beta Search as well. Another thing about duplicates is the rewording among the questions. Some questions are new but are reworded among the older questions. Questions like these tend to become flagged as a duplicate. Unless you are REALLY a person with great creativity, then rewording it may not help. Of course, you will say many duplicates, but usually questions that deal about Answerbag topics here and there too. Nonsense When checking to make sure that your question will not be rejected as nonsense, you can always check your question and make sure that it makes sense. Ask yourself these questions- 1. Is my question clear of what I am saying to others? 2. Is it a complete question? 3. Is my question appropriate as well in forms of language? 4. Is my question not a demand? (But not limited too in some cases) Of course, although there are many ways to have a question rejected as Nonsense, this is basically the main step that can help you from getting the question rejected as nonsense. Spam/Offensive Spam When checking to make sure that your question does not get marked as spam/offensive, one must consider that the answer does not personally attack anyone in such a negative way. Having basic URL links, (but not limited to) is considered as spam. A form of business is not accepted as a form of a question or answer. Offensive Usually questions that are harmful are considered to be offensive. Some other nonsense questions can also be marked as offensive. Having usernames in a negative way is another way of marking it offensive. The same thing goes for asking for personal information. Some tips to consider are- 1. Is my question not in the harm of a basic URL link as question without a specification? 2. Is my question not promoting business in any way, or promoting petitions in any kind? 3. Is my question not harming anyone in anyway? Am I asking for personal information that could jeopardize a user’s privacy when rejected? 4. Is my question not offensive, has any foul language whatsoever in any case, or extreme sayings in any way? Wrong Category Of course, flagging a question as Wrong Category will not reject a question. Just simply move it into a different category. Basically, try your best into putting the question in the most specific category you think it is best to suit the question. Sometimes, some of your questions that you may asked may be placed in a different category when you may not know. There is no penalty applied for this case. However, in some cases, some questions have been rejected mainly of the question was not put in the right or appropriate category. Of course, not it has been mainly prevented, in certain cases, it can still happen. To see more on better asking your question, visit this link, and it can help you further to whereas the moderation is expanded here. And there you have it. =) End of Part III ****************************** ****************************** ************************** End of Project Answerbag Closings Well my friends and Answerbaggers, this is Project Answerbag. I hope that this was beneficial that in a way to help you and many others to come and read this so on. Well, this is it for now, and there you have it. =) ****************************** ****************************** ************************** Latest update: Project Answerbag Version 2.0.0 January 4, 2009
  • And I thought by being number 1 on the weekly leaderboard, I already knew everything about this website. I will update my profile to include a link to this useful information about Answerbag. New users will find this very enlightening (even old-timers too). Thanks for this one, Kyogre.
    • Thriftymaid
      That harangue is old recaptured activity that has nothing to do with the new Answerbag site. 1/3/16
  • K-S..what a great gift to present to the site and to your AB friends! Magnificent job, my friend. Thank you for spending so much time on our behalf. You did a very good thing! :) ((hugs))
  • Wow, I'm impressed :-) nice one.
  • Wow! That was great work. Thanks for taking so much time to prepare this for us!
  • I hope this project of yours finds a permanent home on the site. I've been wondering about these things for a long time.
  • WOW! 1) Actually, I was very curious about what you had to say, so I read your answer before answering the question myself. I find you Project Answerbag excellent! 2) And my answer to your question is: NO. I would not like to read it, because I have read it already. ;-) But I shall read it again in the future, and I shall use it as a reference. And I just gave a link to it on my profile (I hope you don't mind). 3) The only thing that could be changed is that nearly all of this wonderful and very extensive information is presented on a single page (apart from a couple of links). This could make it somewhat more difficult to read, in some cases and for some people. I think the best would be to give another version of this where the three parts would be on three linked HTML pages. (You give such a 3-part DOC version to download). Again, lots of thanks for the very good work!
  • This was GREAT!!! Thanks so much!
  • I'm very impressed..but it is going to take me a while to read through all of this ..Thank you for doing it:)
  • you are too cool! thanks
  • """"""""YOU DID GOOD--THANK YOU'''''''''''''
  • You did an excellent job on this. I don't know why I never answered this, since I first read it when you posted it. I think I meant to come back and answer, don't know why I didn't. I have posted this to questions from new ABers and they have said it helped them greatly. A few questions: 1. The link that is posted to Mediafire was just their homepage. Did I do something wrong or did it change? 2. Do you know if fill in the blank questions are legal now? I had some rejected last year, but I see many submitted now. One of my questions was "How would you complete this quote 'Now is the winter of our blank'?" 3. Any idea what the 4 tabs on the home page are meant to be? (Local, Shopping, Expert, Social) Thanks for your help!
  • The consecration: "Project Answerbag On December 2007, member Kyogre Stataen presented Project Answerbag. This document consisted of a complete series of descriptions of the structure of Answerbag, moderations, and points systems. After a short time, several users have adopted this guidelines as the official structure of Answerbag." Source and further information:
  • But it doesnt tell me how to stop "You got Mail" on my homepage e-mail.
  • But it doesn't tell me how to stop "You got Mail" on my homepage e-mail.
  • But it doesn't tell me how to stop "Your got Mail" on my homepage e-mail.
  • Thanks Kyogre! Amazing article!
  • 17 percent uncertainty in your favor.

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