• I'm finding more people don't respond also. I'll keep answering hoping someone else might leave a comment.
  • I don't think I've had that problem before. I just answer questions whenever I feel like it, or when there's a need to do it. I know that sometimes, you may get acknowledged, but that's okay for me. Sometimes, I even get negged for this as well. I just learned to deal with it and move on.
  • Yes, You put alot of time into answering and all you get is, at the very worst nothing at all, or a 'thanks' when generally questions should be chewed over for a while... its just pointstituion...
  • I keep answering and answering. Why? Because it never fails to surprise me that some of my very old answers have actually received points recently. In short, just keep on answering. Someday, somehow, someone will notice our answers.
  • I don't, honestly, because of how I respond to my own questions that get answers. I will award everyone points, but I don't always comment on everyone's response. Sometimes, I feel as though it will be a waste of my time. Certain users - like you, specifically - I will say something to regularly, but others I just do the +6 thing and keep it moving.
  • I like it when people acknowledge your answer, but I would still answer anyway, someone might get something out of it one day, a good answer is never wasted :-)
  • i think some people have computer glitches and maybe have problems of their own and sometimes they carnt respond i find most ABers respond eventually .also some of us are not always on at the same time ie different time zones hours of work ect
  • yeah a lot don't seem to feel the need to acknowledge or give points once they get their questions answered ...they are quite happy in the fact its all one way traffic in their favour of get there question solved and getting points for asking it ... to me thats just rude ...bad manners
  • I keep answering and I give points were the person asking does not,because I enjoy reading them and if they are interesting or funny. Besides many people who comment give points. But points are for fun the answers,questions,comments and friends are the important parts of AB. I also leave comments on answers.
  • This seems to be a theme more and more these days. I agree that it feels like users are ignoring the input of their fellow ABers more, but I know that I am guilty of it sometimes too. I find that if I want to ask a question, sometimes I will just award points to the resulting answers out of laziness, without thanking people for their input. It does feel like you are being slighted if no one aknowledges your efforts in answering. For all of my negligence, though, the comments are the most important part of AB to me...and I for one am making a concerted effort to comment on more answers whenever I ask a question. I'm sorry that it's gotten this bad, though, RosieG. Maybe we should draw up a set of rough guidelines for Bagiquette?
  • I answer quite a few questions about computer databases, spreadsheets and word processors and it's quite unusual to get any sort of a response in those categories. I think people find the site when they are looking for the solution to a particular problem and don't log on again once they have an answer, so they never get into the social aspect of the site, although I agree that a thank you would be nice. I still answer those questions.
  • This is true....most do not acknowledge the response. I try to respond to everyone. I have some that always thank me also. For the most part, that does not happen.
  • Rosie I'm so sorry you're feeling like this! I answer questions that I want to answer, sometimes they're ignored and it does hurt a bit. A well thought out answer deserves at least SOME acknowledgement, and I don't understand why some people refuse to give it. I, like you, comment on every answer people are nice enough to give me.
  • I like to think I have responded to everyone who has answered my questions. I'll have to go and check. I think on the most part I do. I will admit that on occassion my computer will not let me comment sometimes.
  • I don't ask many questions, and I certainly haven't had many answers, so from that angle it hasn't been an issue for me. But from the other side, you answer and give points but don't get reciprocated - and I think that's rude. And you're not supposed to ask or even hint for them as that's rude - can't win! So then I tried not giving points until I got them - that didn't work. Besides I like giving them, although I have noticed not being thanked... what to do what to do... No thanks required Rosie - tho' I know you will! Merry Christmas :)
  • even though it is impossible to touch base with everyone,it would be a disservice to Baggers if i let questions go unanswered that ordinarily i could've answered.
  • I see this happening more and more. Many users, some of them very well known and highly ranked, are asking questions and never going back and acknowledging the answerers. I came across a question earlier today that had more than 20 answers with a 0 pt. total. This tells me that the asker did not have the respect to acknowledge the answers but that most of the answerers did not acknowledge others. I find this disappointing.
  • Well, I somehow managed to delete my entire answer! What I had said to begin with is that I don't mind at all when someone doesn't acknowledge my answers. I have a slow internet connection, and it takes forever for a page to come up. So, when I see I have a comment to an answer I posted, and then I click on it and wait and wait for the page to come up, then all I see is "thanks", that seems to be a terrible waste of time to me. What my edit was going to say before I deleted my whole answer is that after reading a few other answers, I also wanted to point out that I often check my profile and activity to see if there are any answers or comments to anything I've posted. Quite often I'll find I've gotten an answer to an older question of mine, and along with that I'll find more answers and comments that I was never notified that I'd received. I usually feel pretty bad that I didn't know that the post was even there until sometimes months later.
  • I haven't been on AB as much lately. Work has gotten pretty tight about co use of internet....and so my time on AB's much more sporadic. I do love many of your questions though. I am more selective though. I'm not answering as many.

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