• I recommend the following book: . . It has many suggestions for diet, exercise, mental practices and the like that can help with all sorts of mood disorders. Make sure that you double-check with your doctors if you decided to start taking any sort of mood-altering supplement. You need to be careful of adverse interactions with your medication. Good luck.
  • To be honest with you, only you can help heal yourself, stop relying on doctor's and medication to do it for you. Sit down and take stock of yourself and ask yourself what you can do to make yourself better and then listen for the answers and act on it. Meditation is a great thing and you know deep inside what needs to be done to get better. You need to go see a naturopath and start looking at what food allergies you have. Also if your attacks are triggered by traumatic episodes in your life you need to find out what is triggering them and deal with it once and for all. Taking synthetic tablets all the time is not good, you need to start finding natural ways of dealing with your anxiety. I wish I could help you more but I am not a professional healer and can offer you no more advice than that. Natural therapies has helped me big time with my depression and anxiety issues.
  • Try starting a routine of meditation. Also, although illegal, marijuana often times helps alleviate stress.
  • go see another one and get another opinion

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